What’s Harry and Meghan’s Connection to Taylor Swift?


What's Harry and Meghan's Connection to Taylor Swift?

As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have spent time doing activities during a trip to New York, they’ve also appeared to make a connection with Taylor Swift, who happens to own a place in the city. According to Swift, the couple has followed Swift’s footsteps in protecting the city. According to the Daily Mail, the couple was spotted at their hotel with the same security guards that Swift herself has been photographed with. The publication points out that there is no indication of whether the royals arranged for Swift to use the security guards or if they just hired them from the exact same company.

Despite this, it hasn’t stopped Swift’s fans from speculating on social media, particularly about a rumored live performance of her album “Evermore” filmed from Buckingham Palace — a companion to the 2020 Disney+ release of “Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions.” Yet, as one user counters, “Why are Americans linking this to the rumoured long pond buckingham palace sessions? Meghan and Harry left the royal family so I can promise you this has no connection to do with anything at the royal estate.” A fair point for sure. 


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