What’s Happening With Bear and Raiven From Alaskan Bush Peoples?


What's Happening With Bear and Raiven From Alaskan Bush Peoples?

During Season 12 of “Alaskan Bush People,” Bear Brown headed out into the wilderness alone to reconnect with nature and recover from everything he was going through with Raiven Adams. He had to mentally prepare himself for his new role of father. He didn’t get to see his son until September 2020, six months after little River was born. Bear and Raiven decided to give their relationship another chance when the father-son meeting forced them to cross paths, even though Raiven had filed a domestic violence protective order against Bear that February (via The Blast). She dropped it not long before River was born. 

Raiven had already sworn that Bear and she were gone by April 2021. “I have closed this chapter in my life and have put my focus to providing a happy home,” she wrote on Instagram, per The Sun. But perhaps fans will finally get to see Bear, Raiven, and River as a happy family on future episodes of “Alaskan Bush People.” In August, Raiven took to Instagram to reveal she and Bear rekindled their romance yet again. “Even after having a toxic relationship and separating from my ex, we managed to work out our issues and now are living happily as a family,” She wrote. Bear loved hot chocolate, so we celebrated the good news by giving him a box of hot cocoa mix and a handful snow.


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