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What’s Actually Causing Your Electric Bill to Shoot Up

What is causing your electricity rate to go up? Is it your 50-inch television set? Is it your washer that’s almost fully-loaded every time? Or could it be your laptops that are plugged in 24/7? Let’s skip the guesswork and get to the bottom of what’s the main reasons why you’re unhappy with your big electricity bill.

1, Heavy Duty Appliances

You can’t really do anything about big appliances that suck out a lot of electricity for them to work. These include anything from your television set and refrigerator, down to your washers and air conditioning units. While you have to face the reality that you are really expected to pay for the use of those necessities and comforts, you can still be wise about using them in your home. 

2. Older Appliances

As a general rule, appliances become less and less energy efficient as they age. So you may be experiencing higher than normal electricity rates just because you think you’re saving money by keeping your old refrigerator instead of buying a new one. While energy efficiency is not an excuse for yearly appliance shopping, this only means that if your tools at home are already decades old, it may be time to finally put them to rest for the sake of your wallet. 

3. Ceiling Fans and Lights

Technically speaking, ceiling fans or fans of any kind and lights don’t really use up a lot of energy. However, when they are left unattended for long periods of time, even when you don’t really need them on, they waste a lot of electricity, too. So remember to turn off these devices when not in use or learn a few cool hacks to maximize the efficiency of your fans and lights.

4. Water Heaters

Water heaters are essential appliances for those living in temperate climates. However, most households overuse these types of equipment, which, in turn, causes a spike in electricity use. There are tons of ways you can heat water like through solar devices or by using gas or coal. You may opt to use these alternatives if you need to save on your power bill.

5. Ventilators

Ventilation systems are also one of the leading causes of power rate hikes at home and even in industrial buildings. They are usually never turned off so you don’t even feel if you’re using it or not. But if your power bill is getting too high already, you may adopt a schedule where you can limit the use of ventilators, preferably during peak business hours or during the time when there are a lot of people at home. 

6. Improper insulation

When you’re home is improperly insulated, it will be difficult for heaters and air conditioning units in your home to regulate temperature. This means they would need more power to work better, which, in turn, costs more than necessary. Hence, it is vital that your house is properly insulated to eliminate such problems from arising in the first place. 

7. Chargers

Most often than not, we keep our chargers plugged in the wall outlets for convenience. It’s much easier to have it ready whenever your devices need some juice. But that bad habit can cause your electricity bill to shoot up without you even realizing it. Plus, it’s a fire hazard, too. So save yourself the trouble and just unplug your chargers until you actually need to use them. This goes for other devices when not in use. Vampire charges are a thing, no matter how insignificant they might be in your power bill. Remember, every kilowatt-hour saved is a good thing for your finances.

8. Your power company

Yes, sometimes regardless of how great you are in terms of consumption and regulation of your electricity, your power rates just don’t want to come down. If that’s the case, the most likely culprit is your energy provider. Some sneak in extra charges without consumers knowing. And of course, that’s a bad thing. 

If you’ve encountered such a power company, what you can do is search for a PowerSetter in TX or wherever you may be located to help you find better options for power providers. Power Setter is a site that lists down the rates of different providers to help consumers choose which ones they want to subscribe to without the hassle of additional research or talking to customer service representatives.

Now that you know what’s actually causing your electric bill to balloon, it’s time to do your part and fix it up so you won’t have to deal with an exorbitant power bill every single month.

Akshay Varma
Akshay Varma is a senior Journalist with Mass Media Communications Degree from Aurora Degree College. He writes mostly on Movies and Trending Topics


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