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What You Never Knew About Bono

What You Never Knew About Bono

The San Remo apartment complex, which sits on Central Park West in New York City, is notorious for the celebrities that tend to reside there. Steve Jobs, for instance, used to call the area home but sold his penthouse there in 2003. The buyer? Bono — for a reported $14.5 million, per The New York Times. Bono and Apple Computer founder later worked together to create an exclusive edition U2 iPod. According to the 2004 press release, Bono said of the device, “We want our audience to have a more intimate online relationship with the band, and Apple can help us do that.” Meanwhile, Jobs said of the collaboration, “U2 is one of the greatest bands in the world and we are floored to be working with them.”

Later, Bono approached Jobs with the proposition to incorporate his (Product)RED charity to fight HIV/AIDS into the Apple ecosystem. According to The New York Times, Jobs responded, “There is nothing better than the chance to save lives.” As a result of the collaboration, Apple became the biggest contributor of funds to the organization, leaving Bono to say, “I’m proud to know him; he’s a poetic fellow, an artist and a businessman.” 

While speaking with Billboard, Bono admitted to “miss[ing]” Jobs after his 2011 death. The singer also referred to Jobs as “the hardware software Elvis,” who, in his opinion, “literally invented the 21st century.”

What You Never Knew About Bono
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