What You Need to Understand about Online Casino Registration

Gambling statistics show that 24%of the world’s population gambles, which translates to about 1.6 billion active gamblers online or in land casinos. Now you may be in the 76% percentile who does not gamble or have never tried to but are curious. Chances are the most accessible casino is right on your hand. Yes, online gambling is the fastest-growing sector in the gambling industry. Understandably, it’s convenient, open 24/7, and you don’t even have to get out of bed to participate.

The Registration Process

The first step is probably the most difficult one in the whole process: choosing which online casino you want to play. There are so many options, all promising the best sign-up bonuses; always check the casino’s licensing. The casino should have a license from a reputable gambling authority such as the Malta Gaming Authority and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

Once you have selected the site you want to play at, the next step is to decide which platform you will use. You can use a computer and mobile devices for most sites. Once on the welcome page, click on the Register tab.

You will need to choose a unique username and password that you must remember, as these will be your login information in the future. You will also need to enter personal details such as Name, Surname, date of birth, address, and contact details (e-mail and contact number).

Depending on the casino, you may be required to go through the KYC verification process immediately, or you can grab a new no-deposit bonus and play those slots and card games. Just be aware that you will be required to do KYC later on as you will not be able to claim your winnings.

KYC (Know Your Customer)

What You Need to Understand about Online Casino Registration

KYC forms part of the registration process, and some online casinos allow you a grace period whereby you can register and play before requiring your KYC documents. Some other casinos, especially those with licenses from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, do not allow you to play without completing the KYC process. If you don’t comply with this process, your account may be frozen, and you cannot deposit or withdraw funds, so it’s best to do it correctly and get it out of the way quickly.

KYC prevents identity thef, money-laundering activities, and underage gambling. Required documents may differ from casino to casino, but the most common required documents are proof of identification, which can be a driver’s license or passport. The proof of address document must not be over three months from the date of request, and lastly, proof of payment method. Payment methods can be credit cards or bank transfers, or e-wallet options.

Sometimes you may have to KYC with the same casino site more than once, for several reasons.

  • Change in frequency of transactions
  • Change in gambling behaviour
  • Changes to personal details or payment method

Digitisation of KYC

Some sites use AI and biometrics to speed up the ID verification process, and they use facial recognition technology to compare the player’s ID to their submitted selfie. This is a quick process, so players can get to playing and winning much faster.

In Europe, plans are underway to smooth out the process even more. In 2021 the European Commission announced a plan to create an e-ID that would be acceptable worldwide. That would eliminate the need for players to upload ID documents and proof of payments.

The more simplified the KYC process could be, the better for players and casino sites, so we hope to see this digitization plan’s success soon. As it stands, KYC non-compliance costs casinos a lot of money in fines and, in some cases, suspension of licenses. Player inconvenience also costs casinos money in potential revenue. If players wait a long time to be verified, they move on to another casino.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes the registration process may seem tedious or inconvenient but remember that if a casino requires all that information from you, they comply with their regulatory authority. This makes them a safer option for you. Some players have questioned the safety of their data on online casino sites, and your information is kept safe. It is in the casino’s best interest to keep your data safe, and the KYC page is usually encrypted, meaning your data is kept safe. The uploaded documents are typically kept on a separate server, not the site’s server.

Remember, some bonuses require a first deposit, and if you have not completed KYC, then you can’t make a deposit and claim that first deposit bonus. Always take care to choose the right online casino, play safely, and have fun.

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