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What were Prince Charles’ Last Words to Prince Philip?

What were Prince Charles' Last Words to Prince Philip?

Prince Charles may have not realized that the conversation that he had with his father on April 8 was the last time he would get to talk to him. In a new interview for a documentary that is set to air on BBC One, Charles opened up about the things that he said to Prince Philip the night before the Duke of Edinburgh died. “We’re talking about your birthday,” Charles said to his dad (via the Daily Mail). Charles realized his father wasn’t listening and repeated his words louder. “We’re talking about your birthday! And whether there’s going to be reception,” He replied. Philip responded, “Well, I’ve got to be alive for it, haven’t I?” Charles looked at his father and said, “I knew you’d say that.” Philip died on April 9. He would have celebrated his 100th birthday on June 10, 2021.

The documentary, which will be dedicated to Philip’s life, was also made by several other royals. They include Princess Anne, Prince William, Prince Harry, Princess Eugenie, and Camilla Parker Bowles, according to the Daily Mail.

What were Prince Charles' Last Words to Prince Philip?
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