What To Expect In Latest Dexter: New Blood Season 1 Episode 4?


Want to get a good sense of what’s coming on Dexter: New Blood season 1 episode 4? Next week’s episode could have a certain degree of heroics. After all, the title here is “F Is for Hero”! Isn’t that good for something?

With this being said, don’t expect Dexter Morgan himself to put on a red cape and pretend to be Superman; it could be his son Harrison who is a little bit more of the focus here.

Dexter: New Blood Season 1

To get a few more details all about what’s coming up next, check out the full Dexter: New Blood season 1 episode 4 synopsis below:

The father of the person whom Dexter killed makes a surprising announcement which could prove to be a huge problem for Dexter. Meanwhile, Dexter discovers Harrison was involved in a serious incident at the high school. And now this young newcomer is considered a hero to the entire town. Angela digs deeper into a missing persons case.

Is Harrison being thought of as a hero a good or bad thing? On paper it sounds great, but more attention around him could lead to people asking more questions, and that could also lead to some out there eventually learning the truth. It’s a slippery slope and Dexter probably knows it; the moment that he decided to allow his son back into his life, he had to recognize the risks that were associated with that.

As for Kurt Caldwell’s announcement, let’s just say that this could be one of many problems for Dexter the rest of the season. There’s probably a reason why Matt turned out the way that he did…

What do you most want to see when it comes to Dexter: New Blood season 1 episode 4?

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