What To Expect From The Latest Dexter: New Blood Season 1 Episode 4


Odds are, Dexter: New Blood season 1 episode 4 is going to prove to be quite messy for the title character. After all, haven’t most of the episodes fit that bill so far?

One of the central themes that has coursed its way through the first few episodes of the season is the simple fact that Dexter has shown to be a little bit sloppy. He’s made his fair share of mistakes and based on how episode 3 ended, a new problem could be emerging.

Dexter: New Blood Season 1 Episode 4

One of the things that we’ve come to learn about Iron Lake already is that for such a tiny town, there really does seem to be cameras just about everywhere! It’s a crazy sort of thing to think about, but we wonder if someone will see Dexter heading to incinerate some of Matt’s remains. Sure, they may not recognize fully what he was burning, but it could still be curious. Add to this the fact that something happened to Matt not that far from “Jim Lindsay’s” home and that is yet another cause for concern.

Already, we’re starting to wonder if Dexter is going to be exposed in this town sooner rather than later. In letting Harrison stay in particular, he’s putting himself in the most vulnerable position in years. He may be getting some sort of family in his life, but this could cause Dexter to get even sloppier than he already is. (Clearly, he’s gotten a little bit rusty in his time away from being a serial killer.)

What do you think should be coming up on Dexter: New Blood season 1 episode 4?

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