What to do in Maryland

Nothing beats the feeling of going on a vacation, shopping in sleek malls, enjoy the beach views, and hiking the trails of the ruggedly remote mountains. Considering moving from Boston to Maryland alone or with family? Maryland has so many things to offer! The trick part is narrowing down the options for what you can do in Maryland. We’ve done some research and think these nine locations are a must-see for your next trip. 

Mallows Bay — Nanjemoy

One outdoor recreational centre that every Halloween enthusiast wants to visit in Nanjemoy Maryland is Mallow Bay, a small harbor on the Potomac River, popularly called the “ship graveyard.” While this small bay is now considered a National Marine Sanctuary, its cove was once filled with diverse fleets of ships. This shipwreck is now home to a variety of wildlife, as it has sunk more than 180 ships in the river.  

The sanctuary of Ghost Fleets has many adventures to offer adventure seekers. Don’t know what to do? Don’t know what to do? Take a boat ramp or canoe and paddle around the ship wrecks. You can still see the wrecked ships from the site, particularly the S.S. Accomac. To experience the full effect of Mallow Bay’s ship graveyard, you can hike its railway anytime of the day if you don’t like the idea of going on the water. 

National Aquarium — Baltimore

Yearly, Baltimore’s National Aquarium welcomes more than 1.5 million tourists, making the aquarium a top tourist attraction in Maryland. Why? Its unique housing structure has a special artistic feeling than other aquariums. There are little tide pools and huge arched tunnels that give the impression of being underwater. It is constructed in large complexes to hold a lot of water. 

You will also find a variety of marine animals at the National Aquarium, including jellyfish with ghostly tendrils and sharks. There are also thousands upon thousands of reptiles and birds, amphibians, amphibians, amphibians, and other mammals. This Aquarium even has a tropical forest that is beautifully designed. If you’re considering making a stop at Baltimore, you’ll want to visit this mass of sea life. 

Salisbury Zoo — Salisbury

Ever been to a zoo? If not, you’re in for a thrilling experience. The Salisbury Delmarva Peninsula’s 12-acre park houses a variety of wildlife species from Australia, North and South America.  The zoo’s small size might be deterring, but it allows you to view more than 100 interesting animals you have probably never seen. 

You can admire the adorable beauty of the sloths and North American bisons, as well as the stunning pink flamingos in the zoological garden. There are also festive events held at the zoo. You should definitely join in on the fun.

Brookside Gardens — Wheaton

Meet the romantic haven of Wheaton, the Brookside Gardens. With a 50-acre scenic view nestled within Wheaton’s Regional Park, this place is the perfect romantic site for couples. This tranquil oasis surrounds you with colorful, striking blooms that will make you feel like you are in a fairytale land. 

Take a stroll around the formal gardens and take in the beauty of the Aquatic Garden, Rose Garden and Fragrance Garden. The fun, year-round exhibits are open to everyone. 

Baltimore Museum of Art — Baltimore

An internationally renowned stop for art lovers, Baltimore’s Art Museum houses several cultural art pieces in the museum that spans the globe, from the African wood carvings and Asian silk screens to the European paintings and American pots. The museum also has some antique pieces, some hidden behind glass and some on display in the corridors. The Baltimore Museum of Art has many artistic displays. 

Schifferstadt Architectural Museum — Frederick

With its structure built in 1758, it is safe to say that Schifferstadt is one of the oldest standing houses in Frederick, Maryland. A unique landmark that holds Frederick’s oldest history and this has made it a most sought-after spot for tourists all over the world. 

Visit the Schifferstadt Architectural Museum to experience the original, artistically designed colonial German Architecture. This includes the unique sandstone and thick roofs with wide arches and wishbone chimneys. So, if you’re searching for the finest representation of early German architecture, this museum presents you with the original detailing you need. 

The Awakening at National Harbor — Oxon Hill

Situated on Oxon Hill, the Awakening is a 72-foot magnificent statue of a giant ascending from beneath the ground. Tourists are drawn to this magnificent sculpture. Formerly perched in the nation’s capital, Washington D.C for over thirty years, this giant carving continuously made a lasting impression on tourists with his enormous size. You want to grab a quick selfie on your trip to the National Harbour, as the sleeping giant won’t wake up from its endless slumber. 

United States Naval Academy — Annapolis

Opened in 1845, the U.S. The Naval Academy in Annapolis is located on 338 acres of landmass. It is the second-oldest of the five U.S. service colleges. It is beautiful and well maintained. 

Enjoy the year-round choral performances of the Naval Academy Band. Also, share in the country’s historical moments as you uncover major items, instruments chapel, and historical symbols. 

Ocean City Beach — Ocean City

Maryland’s beachy feel will most likely be the highlight of your stay. Ocean City Beach, which is approximately 10 miles long, is located near Frenwick East Coast Island. It offers a stunning view of the ocean as you walk along the sandy beach. 

Ocean’s City Beach is a great place to keep your family and friends entertained for many days. As you walk along the sandy footpath, the southern coast offers many dining options. You can find a more peaceful and relaxing environment by heading north from the active trail. 

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