What Melissa McCarthy Just Revealed About Harry And Meghan’s Relationship Behind The Scenes


What Melissa McCarthy Just Revealed About Harry And Meghan's Relationship Behind The Scenes

During an interview on “Lorraine,” comedian Melissa McCarthy revealed what she saw of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during the behind-the-scenes filming of Meghan’s 40 x 40 campaign video just last month. McCarthy claims that Harry and Meghan are very funny and happy together. Harry even displayed a secret talent in the blooper takes.

“You know what was so cute, I could tell he walked in because we were talking and she went, ‘Oh hi’ and her whole face lit up. It was so sweet and genuine. And then he ducked his head in and was like, ‘Is it weird if I juggle?’ And I said, ‘Yes, it sure is,’ and then I said, ‘What about outside the window?'” McCarthy stated. “He said, ‘That’s what I was thinking.’ I was like, ‘Are you weird and funny to boot?’ I love anyone that will do something weird so I was like, ‘I’ll tip my hat.'”


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