What Is TikTok Blackout Challenge? Mother Sues TikTok After 10-Year-Old Dies


A mother of a 10-year-old girl has sued the video sharing platform, TikTok after her daughter died while trying to attempt one of the challenges. According to the woman, her little daughter was rushed to the hospital following her attempt at the dangerous “blackout challenge”. The news has surfaced all over the internet and has taken the interest of everyone. Since the name of the challenge has started to trend on social media, netizens are searching for information about it. Let us find out what is Blackout Challenge in the article below and get the details.

What Is TikTok Blackout Challenge? Mother Sues TikTok After 10-Year-Old Dies

Owned by Chinese internet giant Bytedance, TikTok, is facing legal action over an allegedly defective feature that allowed the little girl to be exposed to explicit material. According to reports, the 10-year-old girl is identified as Nylah Anderson. She was trying the dangerous challenge named Blackout Challenge which resulted in her unfortunate death. The young girl’s mother Taiwanna Anderson stated that the TikTok challenge caused her daughter’s death.

What Is TikTok Blackout Challenge?

According to her, Nylah attempted the challenge in her home on December 7. Reportedly, the challenge dares the participants to hold their breath until they pass out. Nylah was brought to a local hospital, but she died five days later from her injuries, according to the lawsuit filed in US District Court on Thursday. The suit claimed Nylah was exposed to the challenge while using TikTok, claiming she was exposed to it on TikTok’s “For You Page,” or FYP, which is the first-page one sees when one starts the app.

It’s a curated feed of videos from creators that people can subscribe to based on their previous interactions and interests. Anderson claims that her daughter was an active, happy, healthy, and intellectual youngster, and she plans to sue TikTok for a variety of charges, including death and negligence. Most modern-day social networking sites have “The Blackout Challenge,” also known as the “Choking Challenge” or “Pass-Out Challenge.”

According to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 82 young people died as a result of this game in 2008. At least three children died after playing this game in 2021. According to Anderson’s lawsuit, the app’s algorithm resulted in dangerous and damaging films being shown to its users, particularly youngsters, urging them to engage in risky actions that could damage or kill them. TikTok previously reported that its app is used by over one million individuals per month all around the world.


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