What Is The Sleepy Chicken Trend? Getting Viral on TikTok


Nowadays, on social media, several viral video incidents and trends are coming to the fore, and almost every time, it remains the subject of discussion among everyone. Something similar is recently reported from Tiktok, where the sleepy chicken trend is buzzing among everyone. Especially those who make their appearance on the app daily because Tiktok is such a significant video streaming site where numerous videos get uploaded by the users to gain popularity, so now everyone is keen to get more vital information about the trend it is becoming the hot discussion.

The Sleepy Chicken Trend

As everyone knows, almost every time, Tiktok trends involve singing, dancing, and lip-sync, but this time when the sleepy chicken trend occurred, it set the fire among everyone. But all the time, these trends don’t need to entertain the audience; sometimes, it proves worst with them as well. Therefore, even since the sleepy chicken trend came into the limelight, doctors and experts are discouraging it and advising Tiktok users from getting behind the” Sleepy Chicken Trend” so below you could the comprehensive details behind the trend where it began and what is the effect of it.

When it comes to the in-depth information behind the trend, Tiktok’s bizarre” Sleepy Chicken” aka NuQuil Chicken” trend appears users creating their very own chicken “recipe” claiming it’s a remedy for the ongoing flu and cold. Although, the recipe is one that you should not consider to anyone else. But despite this, a few users are using the trend and making the videos as well, even if the experts said no to follow them, but they have to follow it, and when something happens worst, they will not even see their flaw instead of alleging it.

These days, plenty of shocking and weird incidents are coming to the fore on TikTok and other social networking sites, and almost every time, these incidents set the buzz along with sensation. Something similar has happened with this time too on TikTok as everyone is looking ahead to get everything. So we have mentioned such details here, which have been derived from the other sources, so when something comes again, we will update you for sure. Because yet many reports are coming in front of the users and some different claiming, so stay tuned with us to know more.


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