What is Queen Elizabeth like behind the scenes?


What is Queen Elizabeth like behind the scenes?

Scott Methven, former Sovereign’s Piper — aka the holder responsible for playing the queen’s bagpipes — revealed to People in an interview that Queen Elizabeth is a very warm and approachable person. Methven was a resident with Elizabeth all four years of her tenure, 2015 to 2019. Methven noted that Elizabeth would make jokes while he was on duty with her and was a “typical sort of granny” throughout their time together.

Methven’s personal tragedy of losing his wife to cancer and her eventual death was a tragic event that required Queen Elizabeth to show compassion and empathy. “I just couldn’t believe it,” Methven expressed his shock at the diagnosis of his wife. “I went back to the castle and the queen’s equerry said, ‘How’s Morven? Is everything OK?’ And I just said ‘No. She’s going to die.”

Methven was told by the queen that he should take a break from his duties. He also received assurances that his kids would be taken care of by her and her family. He was unable to do his duties so she declined army officials’ requests to dismiss him. “To have someone of that position do that … she was just brilliant,” He stated.

Methven quit his job as Sovereign’s Piper in 2019 after his wife died to take care of his kids. Elizabeth keeps an eye on Methven though via text messages. “It’s very endearing really,” He also added. “All the way through this the queen was absolutely fantastic.”


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