What Is Binley Mega Chippy Meme? Viral TikTok Trend Explained


The latest in a long line of unexpected internet trends to take over TikTok is Binley Mega Chippy, a UK-based restaurant. On TikTok alone, the fast-food and chips restaurant has received almost eight million views. However, there does not appear to be any special cause for the diner’s social media success. Users on TikTok can not get enough of Binley Mega Chippy videos with pleasant music in the background. The Coventry-based fish and chips restaurant was a local favorite, but the proprietors never anticipated it would become a TikTok sensation. Check further details here.

Binley Mega Chippy Meme

The fish and chip shop first opened its doors in 2004. Fish and chips, fried chicken, doner kebab, and other dishes are popular at this take-out spot. It was a popular hangout spot in the early 2000s. Twitter user @rutty UK was the first to popularise the restaurant on social media, according to Know Your Meme. The tweet was sent out over a decade ago. It read that “Been to Binley Mega Chippy. Have Pukka Pie and Chips. Steak and Kidney. Lush.”

Bloggertropolis’ Steve wrote about the viral location on the blog in 2012. The article was titled “I’ve Been to Paradise But I’ve Never Been To Binley Mega Chippa”. Speaking about the current hotspot, he wrote that last Saturday on a drive back from Coombe Abbey, he passed a building whose sheer majesty and triumphal ambiance put all these other places to shame. He added that a palace of ruby and gold wherein must surely reside ancient gods of high renown.

It sent shivers down his spine as if a strange wind had blown across his face. Indeed the air seemed to thicken as if with the odor of some exotic oil, added Steve further. Despite the fact that the British eatery has become a social media meme, its success is not a joke. It’s just another fad like Blokecore or Cash Pope. On social media, Blokecore is also known as Ladcore.It refers to the 2022 fashion aesthetic of wearing football shirts, jeans, and soccer shoes, which are frequently linked with people from the United Kingdom and Australia. In 2015, Cash Pope was founded. It refers to a grocery store in Spain. The mascot for the place was a mixture of Popeye the Sailor man and Glen Quagmire from the Family Guy. Let us add that photos of the same had gone viral online in 2017 as well and since then the store has gained a lot of attention on social media.


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