What happened to Robert Durst’s and Mia Farrow’s Sisters?


What happened to Robert Durst's and Mia Farrow’s Sisters?

Robert Durst said during trial that he had an affair with Prudence Farrow before Kathleen disappeared, Fox News reported. The report details that Durst revealed that the relationship had caused tension between himself and his wife. “You wanted to pursue a relationship with Prudence by your own statement. Kathie did not want you to pursue a relationship with Prudence. And I’m asking you how did that get resolved?” Deputy District Attorney John Lewin asked, according to a clip shared by Law & Crime Network. Durst’s answer was concise. “Kathie disappeared,” Durst also said the same thing in the same video.

In 1982, a college friend of Kathie’s, Eleanor Schwank, told the New York Post that Farrow called Kathie two months before she disappeared, the publication noted in 2015, a fact that Durst denied having knowledge of in court. “Prudence wanted Kathie to give Bob up,” Schwank said. According to the outlet Farrow and Durst were allegedly having an affair for three year before Kathie disappeared. 

According to the report, Farrow was also married at that time and lived in one the Durst families’ properties. According to Marion Collins, author of “Without a Trace,” Kathie was upset over his relationship with Farrow. “[H]e was thrilled to be dating the woman who had been the inspiration for his idol John Lennon’s song ‘Dear Prudence.’ He’d told Kathie all about it,” She wrote.


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