What Happened In 9-1-1 Season 5 Episode 7 With Spoilers


Let’s start with the latest update on Maddie-gate: A phone call from Chimney revealed he was on his way to Boston, after Buck concluded that the song he heard in Maddie’s phone call came from the bells of the Old North Church. Buck’s theory (if you can call it that) was that Maddie was happiest in her marriage to Doug when they lived in Boston, because they were both too busy with school to ever really spend time together. chill!

Chimney started to worry that he was just “ghost hunting,” and it didn’t help when Hen reminded him that there’s a replica of that same church in Burbank, something Detective Buck apparently “never happened to.” But when Chimney arrived in Boston and immediately encountered a woman with a child who wasn’t breathing, he knew he was in the right place. Not only did Chimney save the baby’s life, but the paramedics who arrived shortly after turned out to be Eli, a familiar face from “Chimney Begins.”

What Happened In 9-1-1 Season 5 Episode 7 With Spoilers

The old friends grabbed a drink and ended the whole Maddie situation, with Chimney eventually taking the blame for her choosing to believe her when she said she was fine, rather than pushing her to be honest. to be. Eli’s advice was more or less that Chimney should get his act together. “Take a moment, breathe in and get yourself together,” he said. “If you find her, you can be the Howie she needs.” (The question is, was that advice really helpful, or was it just a way to stretch this little quest even more? You decide!)

Hen’s spirit came in the form of Eve, whom she was to meet at the fire station. With tears streaming down her face, Hen refused her ex’s request for forgiveness, as some wounds take longer to heal. Karen was furious when she heard about this little rendezvous and insisted that Hen was blind to the fact that Eve will never change.

And it didn’t stop there. Karen confronted Eva at her home and wasted no time asking the big question, “Why are you always trying to blow my life up?” Eva explained that Hen was the first person to ever really see her, then said exactly what Karen needed to hear: “Them will never leave you because Them loves you more than me.” Karen then explained to Hen that Eve had been hanging between them like a shadow all along – and she’s finally gone.

*Meanwhile in the Grant household… Not only is Harry still suffering from PTSD after his kidnapping, but Michael discovered that his son apparently spent some time on a Jeffrey Hudson fan site. His obsession even took Harry back to the scene of the crime, where he injured himself and had to call Athena.

Harry previously felt abandoned by her and was pleasantly surprised that she would immediately stop working to help him, to which she promised: “You all the time come first.” Harry also had an important heart-to-heart talk with Lou, who gave an inspiring (and effective!) talk about trauma past. It didn’t solve everything, but with Harry back home with Athena, it looks sure looking good.

It seems that Taylor is also haunted by a ghost from her past, a ghost she’d rather not tell Buck about. When he suggested she takes too many risks at work, she snapped back at how “the truth is worth it” everything.” Sensing her excitement, he urged Taylor to explain, but she withdrew. “I don’t know, unsolved mysteries have never served me well,” she said with a shrug. But while Buck slept, Taylor delved into an article about an Arkansas doctor who pleaded not guilty to a murder conviction. Does anyone else smell an episode of “Taylor Begins” on the horizon?


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