What Does The Latest Events Of Psych 3 Have In Store For Shawn and Julia?


Juliet worries that Shawn’s investigation into Mother Selene’s past will jeopardize her last chance to become a godparent. The heart to heart that followed at least hinted visit again at “Shules” the idea of ​​starting a family of his own.

“[Gus and Selene’s] kids are the closest thing to parenthood now that we’ve decided we’re not… you know‘ Jules said to her husband Shawn, referring to a conversation they had in… Psych 2: Lassie Come Home (which largely revolved around a false pregnancy alarm for the married). “I know we agreed that we don’t have to define ourselves by kids,” Jules added. “It just feels real” last all of a sudden.”

“Well, you don’t have to,” Shawn replied, . . . before turning into a series of man-child jokes about aiding conception, given their forties.

That scene seemed to at least create the possibility that, at the end of… psych 3In the face of setbacks, Shawn and Jules would find that, damn the best of plans, they too were in a family atmosphere. But there was no such turn.

Psych 3

“When we talk about ‘What are we going to do with Shawn and Julia?’ if they don’t want kids, the interesting thing is, ‘What’s the repercussion of that?’” series creator Steve Franks told TVLine. “We’re in the area now where we think, ‘Years ago you said that I’m not having kids, and it’s almost off the table now, so that’s very real. There’s a real drama there, like, “What’s going to happen with that decision, and is this experience?” [with Gus and Selene] are you going to change that?’”

Maggie Lawson, who played for #8SeasonsAnd3Movies Juliet, told TVLine: “One of the things I love about psych 3 is that – like in real life when you see other people going through these life changes and experiences – you think, ‘Yeah, I’m not to do that’ or ‘I ben to do that.’ That when you see other people doing it, you go back and look again, “Maybe I feel what I felt five years ago, I don’t now… now.”

“So I like that we open the door like this at the beginning of… psych 3 with Shawn and Jules,” Lawson added. “And I love that we’re not finishing it.”

Series creator Franks confirmed that Juliet and Shawn’s future as parents themselves “remains a little hazy” after asking the following questions: “Has this experience left Shawn such a scar that he will never have children? , or is this going to be the kind of catalyst that takes him to the next level? And that’s fun to play with.”


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