What Does Meghan McCain Really Think About Her Critics?


What Does Meghan McCain Really Think About Her Critics?

Apparently, Meghan McCain sees, hears, and knows that the world believes she might possibly have some “daddy issues” because of how often talks about her late father John McCain in public. But Meghan has had enough of all the trolling, and she’s taken to her Twitter account to once again share her thoughts on the matter. 

“The stupidest part of my life is being a receptacle for everyone in the world who has severe daddy issues they haven’t dealt with purging their insanity onto me because I loved mine so much and yes – answer questions about him whenever I’m asked,” she wrote, adding that it’s her critics and trolls who “need therapy.” In a follow-up tweet, Meghan wrote, “Imagine being bullied by people for loving your deceased parent so much.” 

While some of her critics responded by saying that no one is criticizing her for loving her father, most would agree that Twitter therapy is hardly a sympathetic audience and maybe the last place you’d want to talk about it. Perhaps Meghan can take a lesson from her sister and John’s other daughter, Bridget McCain, who has, by and large, managed to avoid the same criticism. 


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