What Does CW Have In Store For Coroner? Season 4 Renewal Or Cancellation?


Following the season 3 finale on The CW, can you expect a Coroner season 4 renewal? Or, are we at the end of the road for the series?

Let’s kick this off with a dose of good news: We know that Canadian broadcaster CBC has ordered more of the Serinda Swan-led drama. This does not 100% guarantee that The CW will pick up the show for more episodes, but we do at least think there’s a good chance of that happening.

What Does CW Have In Store For Coroner? Season 4 Renewal Or Cancellation?

Coroner is one of the most success acquired series that The CW has, as it routinelyy draws solid viewership week in and week out. It also allows the network to have a larger roster of programming that it can air throughout the year. That’s extremely valuable once you get around to some of the summer months.

Now, let’s look a little bit towards a possible Coroner season 4 premiere date: It’s abundantly clear that we’re waiting until 2022 at the earliest to see the show arrive stateside and if we were to guess, we’d say that a summer start date is the most likely.

That will give The CW a chance to use this to fill some holes while they are awaiting the start of the fall schedule. It also could allow CBC to keep the show around longer, as well, since international revenue does matter a great deal in this era of fragmented programming.

As for what will be coming up moving forward, we really don’t think that there’s some sudden push to creatively shake things up. Coroner is a solid mystery drama with a great cast and an angle that makes it somewhat different than the rest. Sure, we’ve seen medical examiners on a number of different procedurals over the years. However, there are very few where they get the spotlight that they have on this particular show.

What do you want to see when it comes to Coroner season 4 on The CW?

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