What do Donald Trump’s closest friends really want?


What do Donald Trump's closest friends really want?

According to those close to Donald Trump, he’s got big plans for the years ahead. During a September 21 “Morning Joe” appearance, Robert Costa revealed his sources had confirmed that Trump likely has his eye on another political run. “And you start to hear a certain refrain from people who really know him, that he wants back,” Costa said, per The Hill. “He feels he has the political capital with his core supporters.” Costa said that Trump was still the defacto leader of the Republican Party. “Even though there are others out there with ambition like Vice President Pence, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, it’s President Trump who really wants back, based on our own reporting.”

Bob Woodward, who also made an appearance on “Morning Joe” that day, chimed in to say that if Trump runs for president, according to a series of polls, there’s a good a chance he could win. “And so there’s this view of Trump as somebody who’s this force in the Republican Party, which indeed he still is,” Woodward spoke out. “I think we’ve — in our reporting and talked about it, pretty clear Trump is going to run and some polls show he could beat Biden.”

Trump may not be ready yet to give up the retirement lifestyle, even though he might have his eye on the White House. “He likes playing golf and he jokes; he’s off Twitter and he has more time,” Costa stated.


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