What did Mitch McConnell really think about Donald Trump’s defeat in 2020?


What did Mitch McConnell really think about Donald Trump's defeat in 2020?

Mitch McConnell was not surprised that Joe Biden beat Donald Trump in the 2020 general election. New comments by McConnell in the upcoming book “Peril” are making headlines. In the book, McConnell said there were “many Maalox moments” during Trump’s presidency, per Business Insider.

The Maalox comment from McConnell was a nod to the stress-induced heartburn caused by Trump during his four years in office. McConnell and Trump worked together to govern as Republicans. However, Trump could be unpredictable and tank legislation or introduce new candidates at any moment.

In “Peril,” the scope of Trump’s post-election chaos is reported. Readers learn that McConnell had to create a “back channel” to communicate with President-elect Biden through Senator Chris Coons of Delaware. McConnell and other senior GOP leaders were “in a delicate situation,” after the election and could not publicly support Biden, fearing it would make Trump “even more irrational.” Yikes! From the previews, it appears Bob Woodward and Robert Costa’s “Peril,” is going to be a juicy (and scary) book.


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