What Did Lindsey Graham Really Have to Say About Donald Trump’s Presidency?


What Did Lindsey Graham Really Have to Say About Donald Trump's Presidency?

After the infamous insurrection occurred, Graham scolded Trump and other fellow Republican senators from the Senate floor about the electoral college objections, according to The Week. “Count me out. Enough is enough. I’ve tried to be helpful,” Graham stated it bluntly. However, according to The Washington Post, Graham has since changed his demeanor, and even visits Trump at Mar-a-Lago and talks to him “regularly” because he believes that the Republican Party needs him. Graham did not hesitate to give Trump some hard love about his presidential legacy. It didn’t go down well.

According to The Washington Post Graham said that he had severely damaged his presidency. Trump did not respond to Graham’s declaration, but instead hung up abruptly. Graham did, however, help Trump to mend divisions within his party despite the uncomfortable phone call. In fact, two Republican senators told The Hill about the discussions Graham had with Trump while golfing together over the weekend of September 18. Graham was allegedly trying make things right between Mitch McConnell and Trump.

“Lindsey was with the president this last weekend. From what I understand Trump said something complimentary about Mitch,” One GOP senator said. Trump may be able heal old wounds with his ex-colleagues, as he will need all their support to run for president in 2024.


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