We’re Going To Get South Park: Post-Covid 2?


The demand to know when we’ll see South Park: Post Covid part 2 might be the only thing people can agree on anymore. And while we have a clue as to when we’ll see it, Paramount Plus has yet to give us the full scoop.

The South Park: Post Covid special, if you needed a reminder, flash-forwards the denizens of the small mountain town of South Park, CO to 2061, to see how they’re all doing now that the Covid-19 pandemic is over. Yes, it appears that it took all of 40 years for humanity to finally beat this thing. And in that time, we’ve gotten all the way to Mad Max 10, if a poster in Stan Marsh’s home office is to be believed.

The special ends on a cliffhanger of a moment, though, and we’re left with the realization that this was just the first half of a two-parter. And fortunately, we know the month when the next half comes out.

When is South Park: Post-Covid 2 coming out?

According to a story by Ryan Parker in The Hollywood Reporter, we’re going to get South Park: Post Covid part 2 in December 2021. Early in Parker’s article, he writes “the hourlong special (part one of two which will drop on the streaming service next month).” We’ve reached out to ViacomCBS to see if we can get any more detail.

That will make South Park: Post Covid part 2 the second of the 14 new South Park specials (they’re trying to call them movies, but the first half was just an hour long). The 14 specials were just one part of Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s new contract with ViacomCBS.

A December release makes a ton of sense, as it’s the kind of thing that could keep Paramount Plus subscriptions alive. We don’t know how many people watched South Park: Post Covid on Paramount Plus, but our gut says it was one of the highest performing (if not the most watched) piece of content in the service’s existence (it’s been around for a little over 8.7 months at that date).

And, up until South Park: Post Covid, Paramount Plus hasn’t had a lot of must-watch stuff unless Star Trek or iCarly, RuPaul’s Drag Race or SpongeBob are major parts of your life. If these specials are monthly occurrences, this is another section of the public that Paramount Plus could rope in to paying at least $4.99 per month.


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