Wendy Williams Saying About This!! – Here’s What!!


Wendy Williams Updates: We have seen in the past two years that how COVID has destroyed things and people and their life. During the last 2 years, 2 waves have hit people very hard. In those times many people lost their lives, many shows were canceled, many became unemployed.

Wendy Williams Won't Return to Her Show, But Is 'Doing Fabulous'

Now it seems that the same thing is happening again after the new variant of COVID came into its existence. It has now started to affect the people and their work, and one of them is in the entertainment industry. Recently the famous talk show called Wendy Williams Show got halted due to COVID.

William Wendy Show is now going to have a break of some days and the reason is very clear, it is because of the coming of a pandemic. Recently the world is facing the uprising of COVID again and that’s the reason why many shows are getting postponed.

What does Wendy Williams say About the Delay?

Nick Cannon as well as the Wendy William Show, both have announced the postponement of the upcoming episodes. They took the help of social media to announce the new date of their show. At first, the episode was about to release on 3 January 2021 but now it has shifted to 10 January 2021.

The makers said that they are postponing it due to the safety of staff as well as all the crew members who work for the show. They said they will go on as per the condition of New York City. They are trying to look after the current scenario and they are also trying to observe the current condition.

They are following all the safety protocols and all the health protocols too. They don’t want anyone to become ill and they wished everyone for good and better health.

It was not just the makers who announced this thing but also Nick Cannon, the host of the episode. Recently the Kathy Hochul, the respected governor of New York City announced the rising in the cases. It was announced by the governor that the last Sunday was the worst one as it has seen a lot of positive cases.

It was one of the highest positive marked cases. To date, it was counted almost 22478 cases of positive and among them, 12400 cases were of New York City. This is the reason why all protocols are getting maintained and all shows are getting postponed.

Wendy William Show is one of the biggest talk shows of not just America but of the world too. It was Wendy William who has created this show as well as hosted it too. The first-ever episode of this show was aired on 14 July 2008 and now it completed more than 1500 episodes within 13 seasons.

The host Nick Cannon, has recently suffered some low phase due to the death of his little one. The son of Nick who was just five years old was suffering from brain cancer as well as a tumor too and has died some days ago. Due to this unfortunate time, Nick was at his low.


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