Welcome To Wedding Hell Season 1 Netflix K-Drama Release


Welcome To Wedding Hell Season 1 Updates: Welcome, the club of k – drama audience is here, we are going to have the latest K drama series released in the month of May.

The K drama series has got huge popularity all around the world apart from any kind of genre it is, I was among those people who do not watch zombie movies at all because that kind of film scares the hell out of me, but I then watched a zombie film that was recommended by one of my friends, series is called as the Kingdom, I watched it even at night without scaring, biggest Korean directors show the content in a different way or in a different path, nobody is well aware of it that how they theme everything so neatly, it is not like the other directors of the other countries don’t but it is just that the Korean people show it more realistic.

This is another romantic comedy series get talking about, as the series is so special, there is one more special thing that, we will be having 3 episodes in a week add a few series releases all the episodes on that day itself and all along a few episodes are releasing 1 per week but now will be watching 3 episodes for the week, so definitely we are not going to lack any firing hours or we need not wait for another episode to pop up another week.

Release Date of Welcome To Wedding Hell Season 1

Welcome To Wedding Hell Season 1

The latest romantic comedy-drama the K drama series will be released on the 23rd of May 2022 on Netflix that is on Monday this is the debut date of the series as the first season is this one.

The total time duration which is going to get consumed by the crew or the cast of the series that in the 4 weeks, as there r 12 episodes and makers are going to cover all of them up by releasing 3 episodes in a week.

The three episodes which are going to get released 3 per week are going to be released on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Cast Member in Season 1

  • Lee Yun Hee playing Kim Na Eun
  • Lee Jin Wook playing Seo joon Hyung
  • Hwang Seung Eon playing Choi Hee Sun
  • Song Jin Woo playing Jang Min Woo
  • Kim Joo Yeon playing Lee Soo Yeon
  • Kim Mi Kyung playing Lee Dap Young
  • Im Ha Ryong playing Kim Soo Chan
  • Yoon Yoo Sun playing Park Mi Sook
  • Gil Yong Woo playing Seo Jong Soo

Above is the list of the highly expected people coming up next on the debut of the series.


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