We Bet This News On Fantasy Island Season 2 Will Make You Swoon!! 

Are you tired of your hectic schedule? Then, we have an escape for you!! It’s just a wait for a few days, and you can pack your bags and jump into a vacation with Fox drama. So, are you ready?

Fantasy Island Season 1 was one of the most binge-worthy seasons for the fans. With the introduction of such a super-amazing story and an incredible cast, the viewers went crazy. Adventures rolled in twists and turn to make the lovers crave more. So, now, it’s time for season 2… So, when is Fantasy Island Season 2 coming out? Here is all we know. 

Will There Be Fantasy Island Season 2?

Fantasy Island Season 2

A big YESSSS!! The creators have finally confirmed that the new season of Fantasy Island is dropping much earlier than expected…

Fantasy Island Season 2 Release Date 

Though the news that Fantasy Island Season 2 is coming is confirmed, we don’t have a release date yet. While there is no official update on the premiere date, Roselyn dropped a leak on TikTok in July. At that time, she revealed that it was only a matter of a few months before the fans would get a chance to dive into new adventures. 

Roselyn said, “So, a little thing. When is Fantasy Island Season 2 coming out? We were supposed to premiere again during summer, but it’s been changed to midseason. So, it’s going to be early January, okay?”

So, as per the actress, Fantasy Island Season 2 will be out by January 2023. Oh, you want the exact release date? Well, you will have to bookmark our page and stay tuned, as we will be the first to share the official date. 

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