Ways to promote on instagram for business : pros and cons of targeted advertising 

Today, Instagram is a powerful marketing tool for promoting a personal brand or business. Each of us knows the importance of social networks in a global sense. Thousands of companies and millions of influencers create accounts on the platform to start making money online or increase the number of applications for the purchase of goods or services.

When the developers of the application realized that their site now specializes not only in sharing photos and communicating with friends, but also in sales, they launched their own advertising. Thanks to such ads, bloggers and entrepreneurs increase the reach on the page and attract new viewers. Targeted advertising appeared in October 2015 and has established itself as a full-fledged way of promotion.

In this article, we will tell you what the pros and cons of such ads are and how to create an advertising campaign.

Advantages :

An accurate hit to the target audience. Advertisers have the opportunity to choose who will see their ads. To do this, specific parameters are set, such as gender, age, place of residence and interests. Waste of money is excluded if you know exactly who your viewers and customers are.

Low cost. Even low-budget advertising campaigns will bring you results. If you don’t want to invest hundreds of dollars at the initial stage, this is a good opportunity to attract viewers. Or you can split a small budget and spend money on two ways of promotion at once. To achieve the best result, you can buy instagram followers cheap and spend the rest of the money on targeting. This way you will save the budget, but you will get more viewers than from using one method.

Speed. There is no time to wait and subscribers are needed now? Then this is a good option for you, because you can launch a target in 30 minutes if you have ready-made materials. With the correct setup, you will see the result on the same day.

Scalability. If the ad works well, you see an increase in activity on the page and are ready to increase the budget, it will take you a few minutes. You can make edits in your personal account.


Setting up an advertising campaign. In order to launch the target correctly, you need to understand the settings and parameters. For small local brands or a novice blogger, it will be enough to click the “promotion” button, select geolocation and interests. But if you want the ads to be seen by users of the whole country, you will have to figure out the functionality. Not everyone can master a large set of tools, so sometimes they buy advice from a specialist who will help with advertising settings.

An overabundance of ads. Many entrepreneurs and brands use this method as the main one to attract new customers. Due to the multitude of ads on the site, users began to trust companies less. Advertising posts and stories have flooded the feeds of ordinary users and this angers some more than it attracts. Therefore, it is important not to place a lot of ads so as not to annoy people. The best solution would be a combination of several methods to attract an audience.

What needs to be done to launch a target?

  1. Design the page efficiently. Set the company name as a nickname, choose a bright logo and write a few sentences “about yourself”. Also, at this stage, many companies use the opportunity to buy Instagram followers, because in this way they create a status view of the account.
  2. Your page must be transferred from a personal status to a business account. This is done in the profile settings, you need to click the “switch to professional account” button.  After that, the system will prompt you to select categories and profile display parameters. A professional page has advantages such as tracking statistics, where important figures about visits and reach are stored.
  3. Make your company’s Facebook page and add it to your Instagram account. Thanks to this item, you will have more opportunities for promotion due to the expanded functionality. The advertising campaign will be more successful because the algorithms will more accurately determine which users to show your ads to.
  4. The subject of the profile should not relate to what is forbidden to advertise on the site. The list of prohibited topics is constantly expanding, so you need to check the page in advance for compliance with the parameters.

So, now you know what pros and cons this method of promotion contains. Targeted advertising is convenient for business and can be the reason why you will receive more applications and customers. The disadvantages are insignificant, and they can always be corrected, because the result is much more important. We wish you success in your business!

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