Watch Krystof Hrabik Gesture Video Racial Slur Goes Viral Gets AFL Player Suspended


Once again, Krystof Hrabik a reputed hockey player is remaining the hot potato among everyone on social media, since he passed such remarks to a co-player. Yes, you heard right, the player has been suspended for 30 games by the American Hockey League as he used racial stuff towards a black player during the match earlier this month. But the league has announced that he would be eligible to return on the field to the ice on 13th April 2022. So below you could get the comprehensive details behind the controversy along with some unknown facts.

Watch Krystof Hrabik Gesture Video Racial Slur Goes Viral Gets AFL Player Suspended

As per the exclusive reports or sources, on 13th January 2022, San Jose Management was mentioned that Hrabik allegedly passed a “Monkey Gesture” to Tucson Roadrunners partakers Boko Imama at the game the day before. The confirmation of the incident is also confirmed by Lague while sharing the video, in which everything is appearing clearly as you could also watch. Due to these remarks, the players had to face massive backlash and still, he is facing it because, during the match, if someone uses racial stuff towards another player it requires strict action, as the league has made against Hrabik for such exploit.

Krystof Hrabik Gesture Video Viral On Social Media

As soon as the news came in front of the people, everyone unleashed their reactions because it was absolutely inappropriate, for which he also got punishment. But apart from this, there is anger among people that how can one use such words for someone knowing that it is wrong, and also controversial. Even his own fans had turned against him after this act because no one has the right to disregard anyone as he did because using racial stuff is a quite controversial thing because everyone is blessed with their tone by god. So if God does not make a difference then what is the point of a human being to do so. 

When the concerned league shared the video of Hrabik in which he is appearing while using racial stuff for Boko Imama, the video fetched immense views, along with reactions as well. Because of this, the American Hockey League had to take a decision on the spot to suspend him for the activity he made against the co-player. Even his own admirers got against to him as well, as their deep reaction took place too, so we have conferred such detail here that have been derived from the other sources, so when something will come we will update you.


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