Was Brendan Morais’ Apology Video to Natasha Parker Real?


Was Brendan Morais’ Apology Video to Natasha Parker Real?

Brendan Morais started his Instagram apology video by addressing Natasha Parker directly. However, the entire video is longer than seven minutes. “His statement that he never meant to hurt her does seem sincere. But why didn’t he stop there at 00:50? He had more to say and it wasn’t to Natasha, he was speaking to his followers, viewers, and to ‘Bachelor’ Nation,” Nicki Swift is told by Jess Ponce III, a body language expert.

“There’s a sense of obligation in his voice. While he does genuinely seem to admit his shortcomings; it’s unclear why he’s making this very long address,” Ponce continues. “Is he sorry that it was seen on the show, that he made fun of another participant, that he broke proper protocol, or is he sorry to her personally?”

Ponce also wondered, “So was this an apology to her? Or to us?” Of course, it’s up to Natasha whether she chooses to accept the apology — but it’s not wrong for fans to question Brendan’s intent.


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