Want To Scan Pokestop In Pokemon GO – Follow These Steps!!


Pokemon GO is one of the most popular global games based on Augmented Reality. It was an instant success and took the gaming industry by storm when it first launched. In 2020, the Pokemon GO developers have made the AR mapping feature available to all devices and servers worldwide. This feature is popularly known as ‘Pokestop Scanning’. Pokestop scan is a unique built-in feature that allows trainers to record a series of photos from any Pokestop or gym. It will help Niantic immensely as the company can crowdsource a 3D map of all Pokestops worldwide. It’s an exciting feature that brings innovation to Augmented Reality.

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The Silicon Valley-based Pokemon GO is one of the most famous Japanese and American game collaborations that came out in 2016. And it was developed by Niantic, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company. Pokemon GO is a game where players have to catch and train Pokemon in real locations to level up. Pokemon, also known as Pocket Monster, was introduced in the mid 90’s. It is one of Nintendo’s most popular franchises. The real Pokemon game became popular for its cute characters and excellent gameplay. Let’s read this article to quickly find out how to scan in Pokemon GO.

What is Pokestop Scanning on Pokemon GO?

Pokestop scanning is an impressive feature available on all devices with the latest IOS and Android updates. However, the trainer must be level 20 and above to access this feature. In addition, this option will not appear in your app if you are not eligible. You cannot access this feature if you are a trainer and have a child account.

Pokestops are the landmarks you see on the Pokemon GO map that tell you where Pokemons are. They contain image descriptions of the location. Pokestop Scanner collects a database of 3D images from all Pokestops worldwide. The advantage of using the Pokestop scanner is that by participating in AR Mapping you will receive in-app rewards for completing the tasks.

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How to scan in Pokemon GO: Pokestop Scanning?

Here are the steps to follow if you: want to enable this great feature in Pokemon GO:

  • Open the Pokemon Go card and tap the Poke Ball icon at the bottom.
  • Open Settings. If you can see the “POKESTOP SCAN” options, you are eligible to enable this feature.
  • Click Enable Pokestop Scan Option.
  • The Pokestop scan feature must be enabled in your Pokemon GO app.

Here are the steps to follow if you: want to scan pokestop in Pokemon GO:

  • Visit the Pokestop or Gym page on Pokemon GO. Tap the three dots in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Tap the “Scan Pokestop” option and tap the “record” button to start recording.
  • Keep in mind that the object should be in the center of the frame and loop around the object for a better scan result.
  • Once you’re happy with your shot, tap the “Upload Now” option to upload the description of your Pokestop scan image.


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