Voir Season 1: Latest Updates On The Release Date, Plot Summary & More


Oscar-nominated filmmakers David Flincher and David Lynch have created a new series called “Voir,” which will be released on December 6, 2021, and stream on Netflix. Last week, Netflix released the first trailer for Voir.

Voir is a collection of series that highlight the visual essay of cinema and the personal connection that develops with the story we see on the big screen. From crafting intimate personal characters to character insight, each episode teaches and reminds us why cinema holds such a special place in our lives.

Voir Season 1

Sitting behind the screen in a dark theater, watching your favorite character’s untold story on the big screen is truly an amazing experience. It takes a lot of effort to create the perfect visual and audio. And VIOR is all about this experience.

It takes a love for cinema and turns it into a conversation that inhabits a filmmaking process and makes a legendary movie. This is all about how cinema has evolved and how viewership has changed over the past years as we have seen the transformation of cinema over a few decades.

Where to Watch Voir Season 1?

David Fincher, the director of VIOR, will be at the helm of this series of visual essays, and collated into a documentary series of six episodes, each running for 10 to 30 minutes.

Furthermore, in the sixth episode of the special docuseries, there is an appearance by the film critics Walter Chaw and Drew McWeeny, writer and animator Taylor Ramos, blogger Sasha Stone, and editor and writer Tony Zhou. They will engage in long-form discussions that will make up the episodes of the docu-series. David Fincher and David Prior are the executive producers of the show.

Vior is the must-watch series for a cinematic person who loves the big screen. Vior will be streaming on Netflix from December 6 for an impressive experience in the world of film and filmmaking.


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