Virgin River Season 5 Is Coming Soon!! Here Is The Release Date!!

After a bombastic season 4, the fans are at the edge of their seats, craving to witness a new twist in the story. So, what will be the new twist in Jack and Mel’s story? Virgin River Season 5 will unwrap new mysteries. But when is the new season dropping? Here is everything we know so far. 

Virgin River Season 5 Release Date 

Virgin River Season 5

All Virgin River fans, hold your seats tightly as we have some thrilling news. The production process of Virgin River Season 5 is underway. But sadly, neither the creators nor the streaming giant Netflix has announced the official release date for Virgin River season 5. However, per the leaks, the fans can expect the new season by the summer of 2023, which means it’s only a matter of a few days. 

As per the leaks, the new season will have 12 exciting episodes that will twist the story to new ends. 

Virgin River Season 5 Plot – What To Expect?

Sadly, the plot of Virgin River Season 5 is still a surprise for the fans. However, sources suggest that season 5 will pick up the plot from where season 4 left us, i.e., Mel and Jack will be blessed with a baby. But will the baby bring good luck or bad luck to their relationship? That’s the big question. 

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