“Virgin River” Season 3 Release Date Confirmed by Netflix

Virgin River Season 2 left us with multiple cliffhangers that needed to be answered. The climax of the second chapter stormed the audience with tons of questions. The viewers were stunned to find Jack bleeding out on the floor. So, now it’s time to explore what happened. 

Netflix is ready to drop the new season of Virgin River this July. 

One of the biggest romantic-drama shows on Netflix, “Virgin River,” is gearing up to thrill the fans with Season 3. The viewers will revisit the story of comedy, drama, romance, separation, and thrill, and more exciting mysteries are ready to be unveiled. For a long time, the big names from the show were teasing Season 2’s release, and now Netflix has officially revealed the exact date. Here are the exclusive updates. 

virgin river season 3

Virgin River Season 3 Release Date Confirmed

 Netflix has finally announced the premiere date of the much-awaited season 3 of “Virgin River.” The upcoming season will officially air on Friday, July 9, on the streaming platform. So, fans, be ready to tune in on 9th July. 

Virgin River Last Season Sneak Peek 

Virgin River is one of the blockbuster shows streamed on Netflix. It’s officially adopted from Robyn Carr’s book series, coming under the same title. The original book series comprises 21 installments. So, if the showrunner desires, we will have a lot of seasons to enjoy. The last season of Virgin River was jam-packed with thrill, suspense, and romance.

virgin river season 3

The shivering sight of Jack bleeding on the floor with a gunshot wound haunted the fans. It left us with a cliffhanger pointing towards Hope and Doc’s re-engagement. So, we can expect a more thrilling experience in the upcoming season 3 of Virgin River. Let’s wait to witness a world of mysteries.