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Violation Info: Pay Ticket Violations at www.violationinfo.com

A state-of-the-art system that monitors and captures traffic violations. It incorporates the facility to confirm the violation by video or image and helps citizens pay for it quickly through a single portal online. How cool is that? That’s to say about the webpage Violationinfo.com. 

If you have received a ticket notifying you about a violation you are or not aware of, here’s what to do next. Please read this article to understand the system of Violation Info, how it works, how to make a payment, and what all methods of payments are available.

What is Violation Info?

There are situations when people intentionally or unintentionally ignore traffic rules and get away with them without paying a fine. Violationinfo.com is an effective solution to this problem. Violation Info is a privately owned website that was developed by American Traffic Solutions (ATS). It is also one of the best websites to help a user effectively check and pay for traffic violation notices. The website is based in Mesa in Arizona. One can access Violation Info at violationinfo.com. The simple and “easy to navigate” type user interface is another feature that adds to the value of the website Violation Info.


How does Violation Info work?

The website is linked with an automated system that monitors the streets and intersections in real-time and updates the authorities regarding traffic violations. Multiple cameras are installed at different intersections and frequently monitored for traffic violations. After an official review and confirms the videos or images, a violation is ruled or unruled. 

The violations are charged mainly under the Red Light Safety Program of the state. A ticket will be issued based on the vehicle’s speed, violating red light at traffic signals, and illegally passing a school bus. 

A notice will be issued and sent to the citizen accused of the prescribed charges. The notice will be sent to the person who is the registered owner of the vehicle that was caught making a traffic violation. The person can access the website Violationinfo.com with their notice number, view the recordings, and make the fine payment. 

From the homepage, you can go to the section “View” to get additional information about the notice and type of violation. You will be able to view the videos and images captured concerning the particular violation that is charged. All you need to do is click on “Get more information.”

Then there is another section, “Pay,” by which users can pay the fine amount online at their convenience. By clicking on the “Pay your violation” button, you can see the different payment methods available, choose the method right for you and make payment seamlessly.

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How to make payments at Violation Info?

Once a violation has been recorded, you will receive a notice claiming the charges. A certain period will be allotted to verify and make the payment at their website violationinfo.com. Failure to pay for the violation ticket within the stipulated time will incur an additional penalty charge on the person. The next step after receiving the notice is to go to the website violationinfo.com.

After clicking on either of the “Pay your violation” or “Get more information” buttons, a window will appear, requiring the user to log in to the portal. 

Enter your notice number under the field marked “NOTICE#.”

Enter the pin under the field marked “PIN.”

Then click on “Login.”

Both the notice number and pin can be found highlighted in a box at the top right corner of the notice received.

If you somehow misplace the notice, you call at 1-866-790-4111 to receive another copy or retrieve the details.


What are the payment methods for paying a fine at Violation Info?

  • Pay Online

Online payment is the most direct and easiest method to make a payment at Violation Info. Log in to the website violationinfo.com using your notice number and pin. For more details on logging in, go through the section “How to make payments at Violation Info?” in this article.

You will be redirected to the payments page after clicking on “Pay your violation,” from where you can choose the Online payment option. A convenience fee of $4 will be charged. After completing the payment, you will receive a confirmation message or payment receipt, which can be printed for future reference. 

  • Pay by Mail

Please note that the payment should be received at the mailing address within the period mentioned in the notice. Otherwise, penalty charges will be issued. 

The amount that should be paid will be written on the front page of the notice. Send the money order or cheque along with the coupon (found attached to the notice) in the envelope received with the notice. Please make sure the notice number is mentioned in the payment slip while sending it. The amount is payable to the City of East Cleveland.

  • Pay by Phone

This service is only available between 8 am to 5 pm Central time on working days. An additional amount of $4 will be charged a convenience fee. For making the fine payment by phone, call 1-866-790-4111. Please keep the notice number in hand while calling.

  • Pay in person

You can directly pay to the Finance Dept, East Cleveland City Hall, 14340 Euclid Avenue, East Cleveland, OH 44112 before the end of the notice period as mentioned in your violation ticket.

Violation Info: Pay Ticket Violations at www.violationinfo.com

What are the traffic violations for receiving a ticket from Violation Info?

The violation is ruled based on the recordings captured through the automated camera system. Tickets are issued to the vehicle’s license plate owner after verification from the officials. ATS first verifies the videos and images of violations, after which the case is transferred to the local Police Department in the region of the vehicle’s registered owner. The citizens are allowed to dispute the violation under cases of vehicle robbery or other false accusations.

The traffic rules are keenly observed in terms of the:

  1. Vehicle’s speed. Exceeding the maximum speed limit of the area will be recorded and marked as a violation.
  2. Red Light violations are also very strictly monitored. Red-light runners, turning left or right beyond the line of demarcation, are all subject to violations of traffic rules.
  3. She was illegally passing a school bus. 

Violation Info: Pay Ticket Violations at www.violationinfo.com

How to contact Customer Support at Violation Info?

If you have any doubts, queries, or face trouble at any stage of the acceptable ticket payment, feel free to contact the Customer Support number of Violationinfo.com at 1-866-790-4111.

For more clarifications, you can read through the FAQs given in the below links.

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