Video Conferencing Platform in India: Cut Travel Costs and Increase Productivity

Generally, video conferences are an information technology section that allows you to process, converse, present and transfer information from short or long distances using computer hardware and software. 

Previously, people could only use audio technology to transmit information, but with the invention of the visual system, it has become much easier and more convenient. 

A service that recently came through in India is the iMind video conferencing platform. Gone are the days when teams working remotely have to travel several hours and cross boundaries for an hour meeting that could be done virtually. With iMind, video conferences can now be scheduled online and teams can focus on being productive.  

General overview of the iMind video conference platform

You can leverage the following benefits using this fantastic tool 

  • create up to 10 rooms using the free plan;
  • offers free and pro plans; 
  • create your URLs using an individual subdomain;
  • create your account for your customer service;
  • increase data storage space in business plan more than pro and free plans;
  • conference recording feature;
  • you can record multiple conferences at a time.

You can tell that this tool is a must have for everyone and business that wants to prioritize virtual communication. You can check iMind reviews to confirm the authenticity of this tool. 

What is the iMind video conference tool? 

iMind, unlike other video conferencing tools, is a server that allows you to communicate with your colleagues and clients conveniently via a visual platform.

Unique features of the iMind video conference platform 

Below are the great features that make this fantastic platform the best among others. 


iMind allows you to manage your content, your video conference, and a lot more. When a new member wants to join the video conference, the platform will ask the member to snap their pictures, and it will then send the image to the host of the meeting. 

Video recording

If you want to keep your meetings to analyze, publish, or for any other use, iMind provides you with a cloud storage or server for this purpose. 

Screen sharing

Screen sharing permits you to share your screen up to HD resolution. You can choose to share the application screen only or the whole screen. 


iMind is highly protected, your calls and data are encrypted, and it doesn’t require any password. You will only receive a one-time password via email, making it secure and hard for hackers to access your account. 


In a world where there is always constant development in technology, the need for the best video conference tools is constantly arising. iMind is here to reduce your stress level at your business and enhance your communication experience with its incredible features that include free, pro, business, and enterprise plans, screen recording and sharing, high-quality video and audio sounds, and many more. 

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