Venkatesh Drushyam 2 Movie Twitter Review and Ratings


Drushyam 2 Movie Twitter Review: Venkatesh’s style is somewhat unique to today’s top legends in the Telugu entertainment world. This thing appears to be legit, assuming you take a gander at the narratives he has been deciding for the last while. If essential, the two kids are prepared to go about as father and educator, giving a need to the story without slipping into commercial‌ components.

He was instrumental in murderous change stories again and again. That is the reason the achievement pace of Venkatesh films is high. He assumed a vital part in the 2014 superhit film ‘Drushyam.’ Dazzling the crowd as a thrill ride film; the film was a tremendous accomplishment in the cinema world. Despite being a Malayalam change, Venkatesh dazzled by acting in his style.

Drushyam 2 Movie Twitter Review

Drushyam 2 Movie Cast

Movie Name Drushyam 2
Genre Drama Family Thriller
Release Date 25-Nov-21
Cast Venkatesh, Meena
Director Jeethu Joseph
Producer Suresh Babu
Music Director Anup Rubens
Rating 3.5/5

Drushyam 2 Movie Story

Presently the continuation is ‘Drushyam 2’ (Drushyam 2). The film is set against the background of the current circumstance. What did Venkatesh, as Mari Rambabu, do to secure his family? Watch ‘Drushyam 2 Review’ to know what sort of choices he has made!

Set in Rajavaram, the initial segment of “Drushyam” closes with Rambabu (Venkatesh) effectively concealing his wrongdoing and police neglecting to demonstrate his misconduct. As a result, they couldn’t find the assortment of cop Geetha Prabhakar’s (Nadiya) child.

After six years, police are attempting to corner him for the situation, and Rambabu intends to create a film with the assistance of a renowned author Vinay Chandra (Tanikella Bharani).

The cops driven by Gowtham Sahu (Sampath Raj) have conspired an ideal intend to send Rambabu to imprisonment. However, Rambabu is more brilliant than the police.

The film is a continuation of “Drushyam” (2014). Additionally, this is likewise a change of the Malayalam film. The first Malayalam variant featuring Mohanlal was again debuted straightforwardly on Amazon Prime Video early this year. It was one of the most broadly watched Indian motion pictures on advanced space. A similar chief revamped it in Telugu, and the film is currently debuting on a similar stage.

Drushyam 2 Movie Analysis

Having watched the Malayalam unique, the examinations ring a bell usually. To place in an introductory sentence – “Drushyam 2” is a Xerox duplicate of “Drishyam 2” (Malayalam), except for several minor changes.

For the people who have effectively watched the Malayalam form, this film doesn’t give a lot of high. But, in any case, assuming that we stop examinations, Venkatesh’s “Drushyam 2” can be known as an excellent thrill ride.

Chief Jeethu Joseph has concocted a solid story and screenplay for section two too. A cunning blend of the advancements of the initial segment and the new plans of Rambabu to save his family function admirably. The tension component is kept alive here.

The story begins where the initial segment is finished. Smash Babu(Venkatesh) dumps the body of Varun(Nadia’s child) under a police headquarters’ floor and comes unscratched in the homicide case. Six years pass by, and Varun’s folks are as yet biting the dust to realize who murdered their child. They recruit a predominant cop(Sampath) who gathers more proof against Ram Babu and sets up his capture. How does Ram Babu save his family by and by and escape dangerous circumstances fcircumstancesory?

Positive Feedback

Venkatesh begins where he left off in the initial segment. He shows a similar power, torment, and strain that his person goes through a few times. The star saint acts out eminently with his eyes and keeps the crowd snared with his exhibition. Meena gets great screen space this time and assumes her supporting part impeccably.

Naresh and Nadia work effectively in the spin-off; however, Sampath Raj plays the harsh cop astonishingly. His non-verbal communication and articulations suit the disposition of the insightful film well. Satyam Rajesh gets a primary job, and he is very significant.

Drushyam 2 Movie Trailer


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