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Vasool Vettai Game Show Audition on Vijay TV, Procedure to apply & registration process – Full Instructions and Conditions Disclosed!

Vijay TV is coming up with an all-new game show by the name “Vasool Vettai” and will soon go on air. Vijay TV has launched many promos of the game show to call for registration of participants for the show.

Vasool Vettai Registration Process

• Visit the official website of the Vijay TV – https://vijay.startv.com/vasool-vettai/
• Fill all the required personal details such as name, age, sex, contact details, name of the partner.
• Before submission ensure that all the details are entered correctly in order to get the application shortlisted.
• Upload a video or photo along with the partner, the size of which shall be less than 20 MB.

The game involves two women partners to play the game where the participants can win lots of appliances. The partner can be a friend or family member. However, the participants should be above the age of 18 years of age.

Further rules of the game show Vasool Vettai are as follows –

• Vasool Vettai can be played participants in a tram of two both of whom shall be women.
• The participants are asked a set of questions and with each correct answer a green ball is thrown and in case of incorrect answer a red ball is thrown towards the participants and the value of balls is added or deducted respectively to calculate the winning total.
• In later stages of the game one partner is sent to an isolation room and then they play without communication with each other.

Going by the rules looks like the game show is going to be an intense one full of thrill and excitement.

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