Updates!! Flash Season 8 Episode 1.


Flash Season 8 Episode 1 Updates: Based on DC Comics, Flash is a superhero television series based on the character Barry Allen / Flash. The series was produced by DC entertainment, Berlanti Productions, Television & Warner Bros along with Eric Wallace as showrunner. Season 8 of flash was renewed on February 3 2021 & its production began in the month of August.

One of the longest-running superhero series on television with just 3 seasons more, it will become one the longest-running shows ever. The Superhero ‘Flash’ is so famous among the teens that its production needs to deliver a mindblowing blockbuster every time & for sure Flash season 8 would be one of them & was released on 16 November 2021 at 8 P.M. with 5 episodes.

Just like Flash Season 7 which consists of a total of 18 episodes, Season 8 will also be backed by 18 episodes in total & will be releasing 5 episodes in the premium of Flash Season 8. Although, Season 8 was originally having episodes between 20-23 due to pandemics it was again renewed for a total of 18 episodes.

Flash Season 8 Episode 1 plot

Flash Season 8 Episode 1
Bam Smack Pow

The skills of Barry Allen have increased greatly since he defeated Godspeed six months ago. Central City Citizen Media is now headed by Iris West-Allen. In the course of a cryptocurrency heist, Barry prevents a train collision and captures The Royal Flush Gang.

Kristen Kramer, the disbanding of the metatask force, is interviewed by Iris. In addition, Iris promotes Allegra Garcia, who at first has trouble controlling her new staff, but is eventually able to shift their focus to the voice of the people. Ray Palmer, on the other hand, is at the Central City for tech convention. Chester P. Runk presents Ray with a group of tech startups, but Ray rejects them, much to Chester’s embarrassment.

In order to prevent the end of the world that Barry will allegedly cause in 2031, the alien Despero attacks the tech convention and tries to kill Barry. However, Ray disguises himself as The Atom and sends him away. Cecile Horton confirms afterward that Despero is telling the truth. He leaves, advising Barry to prove to Despero he is the kind of person he claims to be. Despero gives Barry a week to prove his innocence.


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