Update On Release Date & All Details You Should Know


London files OTT release series are here at last. This series will be consisting of several big actors in the series and will be watching Arjun Rampla, to be portraying a crucial role in the series this series is the original wood series which is a suspense and it goes around an investigation under director for the series is Sachin Pathak.

Arjun Rampal will be seen in the role of a spy whose name is Ohm Singh, who is a very d person that is all traveling in London City in order to investigate several cases.

People are very much waiting for the release date of the series to get the audience some satisfaction the OTT platform where the series is going to release has been releasing several promos so that people can stay connected to the series and can watch the series without any doubt in that.

The London files series is going to consist of entire 6 episodes.

Streaming Information From London Files Series

The recent sensation that didn’t get released on the OTT platform created so much hope in the audience, yes now or release on 21st of April 2022, and that 2 very exclusively on Voot.

London Files

We know that people are very much interested and are waiting for the series to register as soon as possible.

The Cast Update

  • Arjun Rampal will be playing a detective in the series, Ohm Singh
  • Purab Kohli, is a very important media personality, Amar Roy
  • Sapna Pabbi,
  • Medha Rana
  • Gopal Datt
  • Sagar Arya
  • Eva Jane Willis

The Tiny Synopsis

As Ohm Singh is a detective, he is assigned a task, and the task is to find the missing daughter of Amar Roy, who is a prominent media personality. Singh proceeds to the story in order to find the problems, solutions, mysteries, and more, and all about the case or the clues of the case where he will get to know where Amar’s actually been kept by the people that took her.

And there is one more thing that the Detective has to overcome several things that are related to the past in order to save his daughter of Amar. And then while the case goes forward, Ohm Singh finds Amar as one of the suspects.

Teaser Update

The trailer for the London files has already released earlier this month. And it also got several million views and the views actually are 1.75 crores till now and we know that this is going to be a thriller sensational hit.

Om Singh gets to know everything about the case and then starts to solve it and find the person who is very close to the daughter of Amar Roy he’s also under the suspects.


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