Uncoupled Trailer – Netflix Release Date and Every Other Details


Uncoupled Trailer has been released by Netflix on the Youtube channel, and we can see ‘ How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris in this LGBTQ romantic comedy series after a very long time.

Uncoupled Trailer

The first look of the series looks very elegant and full of romance. We can see the character of Neil Patrick Harris (NPH) holding flowers and he must be back from a recent break-up the music of the trailer shows the happiness of being single once again and the face of Neil Patrick Harris in the series reminds us of his role of ‘Barney Stinson’ in ‘How I Met Your Mother‘.

I think this is the extended version of Barney Stinson in the new series, as we can see him in a suit, almost 10 flings in just the trailer, what else can define Barney? I think we will get loads of fun and comedy in the upcoming series Uncoupled.

Uncoupled Netflix Release Date

The Release Date of Uncoupled

In the trailer, we can see the confirmed release date of the comedy series ‘Uncoupled’ which is July 29, 2022.

What could it be all about?

The series will be a comedy romantic-comedy genre and as per the news by Netflix Neil Patrick Harris’s character Michael will be a married guy from Manhattan, who will break up with his husband after a 17-year marriage, Now he has to deal with his soulmate and a newly single guy.

So I think the plot is all cleared by Netflix already the comedy and romantic elements will be all about enjoying the series.

The series has legendary casts like Neil Patrick Harris himself who has a long filmography, Colin Hanlon will be seen as Jonathan Stein, Jay Santiago as Freddy, Emerson Brooks as Billy, and various others will be in the cast.

And the series has been produced by Darren Star who is famous for his work in the series like Emily in Paris, and Sex in the City.


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