UEI Student Portal Login Online at My.uei.edu

The UEI student portal is designed to give you much information in one place. The various sections provide information like course announcements and assignments, your schedule, and grades.

The login process differs from other university logins for the student portal. Let’s look into the login process in the section below. 

UEI Student Portal Login Requirements

These are the details needed when signing into the UEI student portal:

  1. The official link to the UEI student portal.
  2. Valid student ID and password for the login credentials.
  3. Internet browser of your choice.
  4. PC/laptop, tablet, or a smart mobile phone with a strong Internet connection.

How to Login to UEI Student Portal

Now that we have all the crucial requirements, here is a step-by-step procedure to login into the UEI student portal.

UEI Student Portal

  • You will then get a different interface to input a valid student ID and password. Finalize by clicking the login button and accessing your UEI student portal account.

How to reset your UEI student portal password

Stay calm if you cannot remember your UEI student portal password. Follow these instructions to create another one.

  • Go to the official UEI student portal login page.
  • Click on the forgot password link provided.
  • You will get a redirection to the forgot-password interface. Fill in your valid student ID and password to proceed. Then, submit your details and comply with the reset instructions given.

UEI Student Portal Login Assistance

Sometimes, you might experience difficulties logging in to the student portal. Follow the below steps for assistance:

Step 1: The first step would be to check that you have the information needed for login. Also, double-check that your student ID and password are correct. 

Step 2: If you still have difficulties logging in, try using a different browser or device that might be compatible with the UEI Student Portal Login requirements. 

A smart device is best to have both Wi-Fi and 3G/4G network capability.

Step 3: If the challenges persist, you might want to contact the admin for assistance through the official contact-us page on the website or call the number: (877) 463-4472

Benefits of using the UEI student portal

You can tap into a bundle of advantages when signing into the UEI student portal. Some of these advantages include the following:

  1. The convenience of accessing all the functions of your account in one place.
  2. You can also use the portal to access your grades, assignments, attendance, timetable, and course schedules.
  3. The easy accessibility provided by this system makes it an excellent tool for communicating with instructors and students alike on matters concerning class assignments and extracurricular activities within the institution. In addition, when you sign into this system, you can access live announcements made by other students and instructors through the provided bulletin board function.
  4. If you are interested in financial aid, you can also access the section on financial assistance. In addition, you can see vital financial details and when your next payment is due.
  5. The portal allows accessible communication between teachers and students alike, with an e-mail address provided for each of them in the system. UEI resources are also available through this system. You can also access the tests and other forms needed for your courses during online classroom learning.


Which purpose does their student portal serve?

The purpose of the UEI student portal is to give students easy access to all pertinent information concerning their current courses, schedules, and grades.

Am I eligible to get Financial assistance from UEI?

It is possible to acquire financial aid from UEI. You, however, need to fulfill these two requirements.

  • I am already enrolled in a leading diploma or degree course program.
  • Should not have a loan default.
  • The student should have well-maintained academic progress.

Is UEI a non-profit entity?

The UEI college is a for-profit institution dedicated to its students’ needs and welfare. It is a privately owned institute that uses the latest technological advancements to reach its student base.


UEI student portal is an excellent tool to help your academic career. It will ensure you complete all your assignments on time and allow you to get up-to-date information about the institution. 

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