Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 6 Release Date & Time Schedule Spoilers


South Korean dramas have taken the world by storm. Thanks to the survival series Squid Game that became a global phenomenon. Since then, several dramas have been telecasted and impressed the viewers. The latest one in the trend is “Twenty Five Twenty One”. The makers have released a total of five episodes that have left the fans with eagerness for more episodes. People have been discussing the possibilities of the story of episode 6. Let us check when will it get released and what will be the timings along with spoilers and preview.

Twenty Five Twenty One

Netflix and tvN’s newest K-drama has attracted a lot of viewers’ attention already as it is showing the importance of positive affirmation during difficult times in life. Undoubtedly, viewers enjoy watching these types of concepts in dramas and this is the reason why this particular K-drama has also garnered this much attention. Featuring Korean heartthrob Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Taeri in the lead role, the show has entertained the fans with five interesting episodes. Now, the fans are keenly waiting for the next episode and want to know what twists and turns will take place in the new ep.

Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 6 Release Date

The never-give-up attitude of Naa Hee Doo and the unconditional support of Baek Yi Jin to the former have made the web series a hit among the viewers. Talking about the preview of the upcoming episode, the makers have released a teaser that gives the viewers hope that Baek Yi JIn and Naa Hee Doo will get reunited. The preview clips show that Naa Hee Doo becomes Yurim’s rival in the upcoming episode and is all prepped up to make her dream come true. Here, Yurim is seen worried about not winning the gold medal against Naa Hee Doo as it will ruin her reputation.

On another side, Baek Yi Jin also makes a comeback as he decides to face reality. Naa Hee Doo spots him when he comes back. It is also shown that Naa Hee has a boyfriend and Baek goes out with both of them to have food. Well, it will be interesting to see if Baek and Naa Hee’s relationship will witness a change after the new character’s entry. Twenty Five Twenty One episode 6 will be released on Sunday, February 27, 2022, on Netflix and tvN at different times according to the region. Stay tuned with us for more updates and news!


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