Tughlaq Durbar OTT Release Date: Cast, Story and All You Need To Know

Tughlaq Durbar is an upcoming flick by none other than Vijay Sethupathi, an actor whose charms cannot be avoided. 

Disney + Hotstar has bagged the much anticipated Tughlaq Durbaar’s rights, and the movie may have a direct release on the digital platform. 

Possibilities of A Digital Release:

In a year full of uncertainties, the only way to reach out to the audience without increasing the proximity would have been OTT platforms. 

This way the safety is ensured along with entertainment. The actor has a lineup of anticipated films; however, Tughluq Durbar, a supposedly political satire under Delhi Prasad Deendayalam, is all set to grace the OTT platforms on Disney + Hotstar. 

Tughlaq Durbar OTT

 The second wave of COVID has been as dreadful as the first one, and the states are considering the means for a partial lockdown, which seems the only way. 

With such a catastrophe and stringent regulations to be conformed to, filmmakers were already under pressure to secure public interests while ensuring their security. 

The constant pressure has led many multiplexes to forgo such profiteering opportunities, same with the filmmakers; they were among the last ones to remove their movies from premiering on the big screen.

When interviewed, the cast mentioned the concerns of the filmmakers and fans, too, making it clear that the film is all set to have an OTT release.

 All the industry has been hit hard, and to cover up their costs and make sure the audience remains entertained, LetsOTT GLOBAL has been trending worldwide, all over social media. 

Production and Crew:

The music has been all produced and given a final touch and finishing as well; the first single to have blown the charts include Anna the Sethi, composition of which has been under the eye of Govind Vasantha.