‘True Story’ Series – A Mix Of Drama, Comedy And Action.


Starring: Kevin Hart, Wesley Snipes, Tawny Newsome

Director: Stephen Williams

Stream Platform: Netflix (watch from here)

movie hype Ratings: 3/5 (three stars)

Our Score

You know someone and you think you know everything about her: her ambitions, her problems, where she grew up and what she believes in. There is a part in each of us that reserved and dark, which you may not be proud of, and you’re kidding yourself that you can also know that little ravine in the spirit of the subject you’ve been visiting all your life. However, that nook is only lit up when the situation is extreme, when you find yourself standing against the wall again and having to make a decision that will make the difference between life and death. When this happens, you can discover something that maybe it would have been better not to see it.

True Story Series Review: A mix of drama and comedy that’s entertaining with a healthy dose of action

Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes are the protagonists of True story; a story where they will fall into a suffocating whirlpool of murder and cover-up, forced to creep into brotherhood to save their lives and the lives of those they love. The series written by Eric Newman – the successful producer and also the author of several episodes of Narcos: Mexico joins the Netflix titles from November 2021 and consists of seven chapters that manage to master the rhythm of a dramatic story, without hiding a subtle and intelligent comic strip.

True Story Series Review: The Story

True story takes us into the life of The Kid (Kevin Hart), a famous comedian who fills America’s stadiums and arenas, guested by Ellen DeGeneris and rose to fame with the sci-fi blockbuster Anti-Verse. In short, the actor’s life could not have been better. But all that will change when he returns to his hometown of Philadelphia. Ahead of the upcoming show, Kid is reunited with his older brother Carlton (Wesley Snipes), a complicated man the comedian has always had to take care of. Carlton is a person who can’t stay out of trouble, between bankrupt restaurants and bad investments, his account is always in the red. And it will be from this forced reunion that the entire past of the two brothers will surface.Between murders and blackmail, Kid will try to keep what he’s earned over the years: money and success. To complicate his life, there is also the divorce from his wife, an overly suffocating bodyguard and a mentally unstable fan.

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The roads to success are endless, like the possibility that everything could collapse in an instant due to a bad scoop or a misstep. Kid knows well, who after a good night finds himself in bed with a girl’s corpse. What to do, what are the right steps to prevent your career from failing? His savior will be the magnet for Carlton’s troubles. The solutions the two will find will lead them to face new problems until it all ends in catastrophe. Between Greek gangsters, a stuffy press and a busy schedule, the situation for the actor becomes unbearable and he will gradually make more and more questionable choices. True story, the real story told to the media and to yourself, becomes a fictional reality: the real story for whom? This is the start of the Netflix series, which on paper could lead to excellent implications and interesting interactions.

True story

the plot of True story revolves around the relationship between the two main brothers: a relationship of genuine love, sometimes toxic, based on their difficult past and on the absolute will to defend each other against everything and everyone. a boring one but always believable brotherhood, just as all the twists and turns of a real and concise script are plausible, flowing away and remaining enjoyable from the first to the last minute. The main result of this streamlined and well-researched story is that the viewer is identified with the protagonists on screen, making the story fascinating but the big twists which often makes these types of plots stand out.

The twists and turns are in fact only two in the arc of the entire series, and they are characterized by being at opposite poles on the scale of surprise. The last one, at the end of the sixth episode, is well built, but is everything too predictable, which left him with a bit of discontent, luckily canceled by a tense and hectic final episode. The first spin, on the other hand, almost at the end of the pilot, falls like a bolt from the blue and conveys a sense of dread and excitement. Up until that point, the story had seen a faint hint of it, despite the goodness of the writing, but a single scene changes the cards on the table, sparking interest.

The assessment and analysis

The Netflix series’ dialogues and situations are basically sewn on the two protagonists, Hart and Snipes, and their co-stars Tawny Newsome and William Catlett. A cast largely made up of African-American actors, who focus heavily on physicality rather than on the rhythm of the acting, resulting in at least adequate and well-suited to their respective roles. Wesley Snipes is undoubtedly the best of the attendees, his interpretation of a complicated and hard-to-frame Carlton is excellent, as Hart struggles to fill a role far removed from the characters he’s learned to juggle over the years.

Kid is the protagonist and the reflective moments of the show are dedicated to him, and sadly Kevin Hart doesn’t shine in this but he is unquestionable in its robustness of the few and dense action scenes. The brothers, therefore, like the twists we talked about earlier, are distinguished by charm and overall success. Writing is the best value of True story from the dialogues to the characterization of the characters, but the Netflix series also defends itself well from the point of view of the directing thanks to the immediacy returned by the many shots with a fixed camera interspersed with the dynamics of long trolleys.

The action scenes have a good rhythm and the actors help restore a physicality that makes it all believable. The game of continuous references to other Netflix shows and the nods to the movie controversy are also a lot of fun: small details that always keep the viewers attention alive, breaking the predictability of a plot that in its probable essence is a cross and a delight.

True review: the last words

True Story is distinguished by a plausible and interesting story, written for the use of an African-American cast that manages to give the script a good physical push. A well-dressed Wesley Snipes makes up for an undecided Kevin Hart in the role of a thinking protagonist, but perfect when he finds his comfort zone of action and dynamism. The plot has its best value in reliability, but also its biggest flaw: it always remains believable, in fact, it manages to grab the viewer’s attention, but falls into the predictability of some twists that have no effect.


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