Trinkets Season 2: Netflix renews Trinkets for one last time

Trinkets is a Netflix Original series based on a novel of the same name written by Kirsten Smith. The series has been created by Amy Andelson, Emily Meyer and Smith who wrote the novel. It was quite well received by the fans. The show revolves around the life of a teen who is always grieving and trying to find comfort in her two high school friends. The storyline is quite relatable to many of the teenagers and even the adults who had been through similar situations. The next season will be the final season too.

Trinkets Season 2: Netflix renews Trinkets for one last time

Netflix is notorious for cancelling many shows which fails to create an immediate reaction and fans base from its responsive subscribers. It had chopped off many Original series by cancelling them even on the first season itself. It is not quite clear on what basis they cancel these series. For all these reasons things were not looking good for Trinkets after Season 1. It was a relief to hear the renewal for a season 2 but with a catch. It will be the final season.

The first season Aired on Netflix by June 14 and announcement on the renewal of the second season came up after 1 week of the premiere. The announcement came as a short video.

It is reported by a reliable source that the showrunner has also been changed. Linda Gase who worked for 10 episodes of the first season has been replaced by Sarah Goldfinger of Charmedand CSI. No explanations on the change are available as of now yet the showrunner changing is not a new thing in TV series production.

Season 2 serving as the conclusion of the series, will clear all the cliffhangers of last season to a close with no possibility of a Season 3. Many wonderful shows had been cancelled by Netflix recently which made the stories unclear and longing fans got angry and ranted out on Social media platforms against the network. They were angry for the rumours of possible Trinkets cancellation too.

There will be no need of long wait of trinkets season 2, which will be released on Next year.

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