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TOWIE’s Lewis Bloor ‘upset diamond scam group over quitting for poxy show’, court hears

Former The Only Way Is Essex star Lewis Bloor upset other members of a group allegedly involved in a £3million diamond scam when he left for “some poxy show”, a court heard.

Lewis, 31 years old, joined ITV in 2013, before he left in 2016. He has appeared on Celebrity Big Brother since then.

Ahead of joining TOWIE, Lewis is alleged to have posed as “Thomas Harkin” in a cold-calling investment fraud.

It’s alleged the group conned more than 200 victims, many of whom were elderly, into buying coloured diamonds for around £750 with an eye-watering 600% mark up.

Lewis Bloor is believed to have angered his scamming ring when he left to pursue TV ventures
Lewis Bloor arriving at Southwark Crown Court

Earlier today, Southwark Crown Court heard that Lewis allegedly played a “key role” in the running of Imperial Assets Solutions (IAS), one of two firms involved in the alleged scam, acting under the instruction of James Ward, who is not on trial.

The court heard that Lewis didn’t work for the second company, Henderson & Forbes (H&F) that was set up with Joseph Jordan, 29, as a director.

Speaking to the jury, David Durose QC said: “By the second half of 2013, his television career was beginning to take off.

“That meant that he was less available to be involved in defrauding people from the late summer onwards.

“That caused some unhappiness with other people who worked in the business, particularly with James Ward.”

The former reality star was allegedly involved with a scamming ring, rinsing hundreds of people out of thousands
Lewis denies conspiracy to defraud between May 7, 2013, and July 1, 2014

Durose went on to claim that James Ward told Lewis: “I’ve done so f****g much for u and u put some poxy show in front of this! [sic]”

“The two clearly had a falling out when Mr Bloor left,” added Durose.

The jury heard that Lewis had messages on his Apple MacBook showing that he was “involved in dishonesty”, that he was “involved in controlling sales” and viewed those working as “his boys”.

Mr Durose said the alleged fraudsters operated from more than one “floor”, with Bloor calling himself “Lewis from the Essex floor”.

Lewis denies conspiring to defraud. He was arrested between May 7, 2013 and July 1, 2014.

The reality star denies all charges he faces
Ahead of joining TOWIE, Lewis is alleged to have posed as “Thomas Harkin” in a cold-calling investment fraud

The court heard how both companies claimed to be specialist brokers for people wanting to buy or sell investment-grade stones, with brochures boasting of an “outstanding track record of meeting the needs of our clients”.

The jury heard that those looking to invest were called later by salesmen using fake names and selling diamonds as investment opportunities.

The court heard that people were cold-called and received glossy brochures containing quotations from De Beers, an unconnected legitimate diamond company, and addresses in Canary Wharf and Antwerp, which are the global headquarters of the diamond trade.

Jurors were told retired social worker Maureen Edwards lost more than £27,000 after being called by Bloor’s alias Thomas Harkin, “Richard Hall”, the name used by Ward, and a broker calling himself “Stephen Green”.

Maria Way, a retired lecturer, bought three diamonds from IAS for £31,000, “wiping her out financially,” said Mr Durose.

Retired teacher Christine Truscott shelled out a total of £122,500 after being told she would make a 22-25% profit, the jury heard.

The trial continues.

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TOWIE's Lewis Bloor 'upset diamond scam group over quitting for poxy show', court hears
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