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Tottenham’s snub to Jimmy Greaves statue is a shameful new low

Daniel Levy is not for turning as he makes another decision that justifies the belief Tottenham is a club made up of wannabes and amateurs.

Spurs are not planning to commission a Jimmy Greaves statue, which would provide a lasting tribute for their greatest star.

This is the club’s policy and fans’ growing demands for a change in stance are not being heard.

Instead of Greaves being cast in bronze, supporters have to endure a continual attitude from those who are set in stone.

Jimmy Greaves playing for Tottenham
Jimmy Greaves passed away on Sunday at the age of 81

How backward thinking and unimaginative is this? While we all know Levy can be stubborn, refusing to acknowledge Greaves’ achievements and provide a permanent reminder about his extraordinary contribution to the club is a new form of stubbornness.

You’d think that Spurs would want to celebrate the glorious past, given the pathetic level of success they have enjoyed in recent times.

It’s what the best clubs do and shows class. Manchester United has statues outside Old Trafford of Sir Alex Ferguson as well as the ‘Holy Trinity’ of Sir Bobby Charlton and Denis Law.

One of Billy Bremner is in Leeds. Same goes for Peter Osgood of Chelsea. Manchester City recently erected statues close to the Etihad.

Statues are a way to teach the future about history and remind people of past icons. They also symbolise the significance of a person’s life.

Tottenham Hotspur should build a statue to Jimmy Greaves. Please leave your comments below.

Jimmy Greaves poses in a Tottenham kit
Jimmy Greaves is Tottenham Hotspur’s all-time leading goalscorer

No one has ever scored more goals for Spurs than Greaves, who plundered 266 in 379 games. This record has been held for more than 50 years after his retirement.

Six decades have passed since Spurs’ last win and London bridesmaids are yet to win any trophy. Yet, Levy’s directors and his staff seem to believe that Greaves’s success is not worthy of permanent recognition.

It would be disrespectful to not give Greaves a statue. The idea of a statue is not something that should be considered.

Greaves, who was 81 years old, died this week. He was the greatest striker England has ever produced.

He was a club member and it is right that they have a permanent memorial for him.

Jimmy Greaves in a Tottenham shirt
Jimmy Greaves scored 266 goals in 379 appearances for Tottenham Hotspur

Yet Bill Nicholson had to win eight major trophies just to get a bust of himself put on display at the club, so what chance does Greaves have?

If it weren’t for Greaves’s genius, Nicholson wouldn’t have won at most three of these trophies.

Sometimes it is difficult to comprehend the logic at Spurs. This makes it difficult to love and respect them.

Greaves won’t be forgotten, but why not? People will grow up not knowing Greaves in years to come. However, a statue would leave the same people in no doubt about his place in footballing history.

Tottenham's snub to Jimmy Greaves statue is a shameful new low
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