Top tips to improve your online gaming experience 

While the gaming industry was already on a successful trajectory, the past couple of years have seen a huge spike in the number of people gaming worldwide. With millions of new players splashing out on the latest games and consoles recently, the global gaming industry is expected to be worth as much as $321 billion by 2026. 

With social and casual gaming being the most popular way of enjoying the latest titles, new and evolving technologies have meant that players can interact with new gaming content and other players and gaming communities in new and innovative ways. 

So with all the latest gaming technology available, how can players set themselves up for the best gaming experience? Below, we’ve covered you with our top tips for improving your online gaming experience. 

Make the most of promotions

With there being so much competition in the gaming market recently, and especially in the online casino sector, providers are now providing a huge amount of promotions to attract and retain players.

As such, players can make the most of these available promotions by utilising free sign ups, trial offers and bonus cash among many other offers. Online casinos like 777 Casino offer some of the best sign up promotions, enabling players to try out their games before having to commit. 

Ensure you have a good wifi connection

In today’s society, it’s never been easier to find wifi to connect to. Whether it’s in a local cafe, in a friend’s home, from a local broadcasting service or from your own home, wifi is never far away. However, ensuring the quality of your wifi is up to scratch for providing a high quality gaming experience is another hurdle. 

According to video game console manufacturers, it is advised that the minimum wifi speed you use for gaming is 3 Mbps of download speed and 0.5 Mbps to 1.0 Mbps of upload speed. Bear in mind that the amount of devices you have connected to the wifi will also impact the speed of gaming too.

The most important factor of wifi speed is your latency or ‘ping rate’, which is the delay between the action in the game and its display on your screen. If you have a high ping rate, this can have a significant impact on your game and can make multiplayer mode almost impossible, especially in fast paced action games. 

In order to improve latency, ensure you opt for a wifi for a high enough upload and download speed. 

Take regular breaks 

Taking regular breaks may not sound like the best gaming tip, however it makes a huge difference to the quality of your gaming experience. Research has shown that taking regular breaks from gaming not only has health benefits but will also make you a better gamer. 

Experts recommend that gamers follow the 52-17 rule, which means you play for 52 minutes and then take a 17 minute break. The benefits of taking regular breaks like this include:

  • Maintained eye acuity – Eye acuity is you ability to define shapes and details of things you see. This is particularly important for having good hand-eye coordination in gaming. 
  • Prevent muscle strain – Repetitive actions in the fingers, hands and wrists can easily lead to muscle strain, again reducing your hand-eye coordination. It’s important to do some kind of stretches and get up and out of your gaming chair each time you take a break. 
  • Minimise mental fatigue – Ever experienced brain fog after playing a game for a few hours? Mental fatigue is just like physical exhaustion, but on your brain instead of your body. Be sure to give your brain a break too! 
  • Improve circulation – It’s surprising how many hours can go by when you’re entranced in a game. Be sure to move around every so often to get the blood flowing in your body and to your brain. 

Play with other people

While gaming was once considered an individual experience, most of today’s titles incorporate or are centred around multiplayer mode. Playing with others adds a social aspect to the game that makes it much more entertaining and engaging than if you were playing alone.

Whether you’re looking to connect with a community of like minded people, or want to put your gaming skills to the test against other players, there’s so many options and technologies available that make multiplayer gaming a great option and easily accessible. 

Good sound quality

Your sound set-up has the ability to make or break your gaming experience, with a poor sound system meaning you’re more likely to get distracted by background noise that could distract you from the game. Gaming audio is essential in giving away ques for what’s happening in the world of the game, providing instant feedback for players to respond to. 

Imagine watching a scary movie with the sound off – it doesn’t have the same effect. This is exactly the same for gaming in which a poor quality sound experience removes the atmosphere from the game and prevents you from feeling the full adrenaline or sense of adventure that the game should bring.

An option for ensuring great sound quality is to invest in a quality sound bar for your gaming room. If you’re playing on a portable device, consider altering the settings to ensure the best sound experience for your game type. 

Overall, the type of environment you play games in has a huge impact on the game’s overall quality. Whether you’re playing a mobile game on the train on your commute to work, or are playing on a console in your gaming room at home, the above steps can help to make a significant improvement to the type of gaming experience you have. 

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