Top Gun 2: Maverick Release Date, trailer, Cast, plot and much more

The long-awaited follow-up, Top Gun: Maverick, comes back with three characters from the original Top Gun film.   After 30 years of the first film, there’s finally a second Top-Gun film, with Joseph Kosinski, legacy director of Tron.

Ten years now, a Top Gun sequel was made. Christoper McQuarrie who worked on a long list of movies with Top Gun star Tom Cruise has been hired to write the script. The project hit some snags but then progress forward, with the announcement that Cruise will once again take the lead in the new Top Gun film. Top Gun 2 continues to hold popularity for the realistic dogfight and sequencing that made Top Gun so famous. Kenny Loggins is also expected to record the iconic song from the first film, “Danger Zone.”

Since the release of Top Gun in 1986, Top Gun 2 has been mostly new. It’s no surprise. This indicates that certain people– including Kelly McGillis who played Charlie in the Top Gun– were not given a come-back. Jennifer Connelly seems to have replaced McGillis as the principal character’s concerns, though Meg Bradshaw, Goose’s aunt, is also not expected to be returning. Age may also clarify why other cast members do not return because many of the characters had retired before the movie was filmed. Here are all the features that come back to Top Gun: Maverick.

Top Gun 2: Maverick trailer, cast, release date, plot and much more


Fresh from his role at the top of its film, Mission Impossible: Fallout, Tom Cruise is returning in the cockpit as Pete’ Maverick.’ Maverick is still flying, given how much time has passed, due to his efforts to prevent a promotion which would have seen him established continuously. The job in effect is to prepare Maverick for a dangerous mission in a new group of pilots.


Kasansky was a cocky pilot who formed a very competitive relationship with Maverick, Val Kilmer’s Tom “Iceman.” Kilmer is the only Top Gun cast member confirmed to appear in Maverick besides Cruise. Iceman is now said to be an admiral, but his character is absent from the trailers for some reason that adds suspense to his plot. Some people speculate he was dead and the funeral of Iceman is the one shown in the film. If so, what begins with the movie may be the death of a main Top Gun character.

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