Top Chef Season 17: Release Date, Chef Cast and Location details

The Top Chef show is often deemed to be most significant grossing and successful TV Show for the TV Network Bravo. According to sources, the seventeenth season of Top Chef would be back for a run in no time. The TV Show comprises a list of the most celebrated chefs around the country. 

On the other hand, Top Chef is a part of the production house, namely, Magical Elves Production. By the looks of it, this is the same team and people that provided the viewers with one of the massive shows, Project Runaway. Moreover, Project Runaway was an extremely competitive show which solely focused on fashion designing. 

Release date of 17th Season of the Top Chef 

top chef

The 16th season of Top Chef came into being of the 6th of December 2018. Top Chef: Kentucky did air its last season on the 14th of March 2019. The sixteenth season was shit at many places such as Lexington, Louisville & Lastly Lake Cumberland. 

As of now, the release of Top Chef Season 17 is yet to get confirmation from the showrunners & the cast. However, if the schedule of the release date previous seasons are taken into consideration, then Top Chef Season 17 might premiere this year in December. The fans of one of the longest-running TV Show might also be thinking that the seventeenth season will be back in December 2019.

Location and cast member of Top Chef Season 17 

At the time of Emmy Award Panel’s red carpet, Padma Lakshmi, the eternal cast and host of the show gave the insights about the show’s location. During the conversation, Padma Lakshmi said that the seventeenth season should take place in a warmer location. 

Moreover, the casting of the seventeenth season of Top Chef is yet to be decided. The experts said that Padma Lakshmi was very discreet when she was asked about the cast of the seventeenth series. However, Padma’s little insight did confirm that the seventeenth season is on its way.

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